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    Write a report about a musical event you attended

    Write a report about a music event attended. The event does not need to be a concert. For example mariachis performing at a wedding or drummers, singers and dancers at a Powwow are acceptable subjects for a report. The report should examine not only the music itself but also the cultural environment from which it comes. It s

    Asian American Music

    Argue briefly for or against the following statement: "Asian Americans have not yet produced a recognizable, uniquely American music that is equivalent to Jazz or Tejano..."

    Salsa, Reggae and Caribbean Latino Music

    Describe briefly some of the ways in which immigration to the United States (and New York in particular) affected the music of the latin Carribbean. Be specific.

    Two subgenres of country music

    Describe the musical similarities and differences in two subgenres of country music. Mention specific artists and pieces of music. Describe how the musical differences may reflect societal differences in the audience.

    Technology in Music

    Contemporary music often uses computer-based technology to enhance its effect. Do you think technology has contributed to the evolution of music?

    Michael Jackson's influence on pop culture

    Please help with the following problem. Discuss Michael Jackson and his influence on pop culture, including the controversy surrounding his life. Provide references in APA format.

    Robert and Clare Schumann

    In regard to Robert and Clara Schumann. How was music changed based on the role of women in nineteenth century music. What was Clara Schumann's role as a major figure in the romantic period and how does Robert and Clara Schumann's music compare and contrast? In what way did their personal lives affect their musical lives and

    Baroque and Classical Music types are overviewed.

    Explain how The Baroque Period was different than The Classical Period. Include the exploration of the city of Vienna during The Classical Period. Incorporate in your exploration the music and lives of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven in this city. How are they different? How are they the same?

    Renaissance to the 20th Century Music

    1) How is music (melody, rhythm, harmony, and/or instrumental accompaniment) used to compliment the words and actions in the following: a)Jannequin's "Song of the Birds" (Chant Des Oiseaux) b)Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" from Messiah c)Schubert's "Elkonig" d)Berg's "Wozzeck" 2) What musical elements (

    Britten's Guide to the Orchestra

    1) What are the defining differences and similarities associated with the two musical forms of theme and variations and fugue? 2) How is theme presented in the different variations through the use of various instrument families vs. how it is used in the fugue section?

    Bach: Fugue in G Minor

    1) What makes it easy to hear the fugue theme enter throughout the piece? 2) What makes it difficult to hear the fugue theme enter throughout the piece? 3) How many entrances of the fugue subject can you hear? 4) Is the Theme and Variation form or the Fugue form better for interest or ease of listening?

    String quartet details are named.

    I briefly describe the development of the string quartet. How would you relate this chamber ensemble to modern performing groups such as the jazz quartet? Or to a rock ensemble? What are some of the similarities and differences?

    The major elements of the concerto

    The meaning of the term, concerto, has changed at least three times in the history of music. What are the major elements of the concerto? Is there always a soloist? Is there a traditional musical form?

    Broadway costumes are discussed.

    This job emphasizes how the use of costumes helps to generate a mood or feeling for the audience in the Broadway musical, Ragtime. What mood did they create? Did they set one race apart from another? Were costumes used in any other way to help with a certain theme?

    The Ospedale della Pieta: History and Structure

    Antonio Vivaldi, one of the most well-known composers of the Baroque era, began his career at the Ospedale della Pieta in Venice, one of Europe's most well-known charitable institutions. This brief essay provides a summary of history and organizational structure of the Pieta. It also outlines the origins of Vivaldi's connectio

    Is Punk Music Overrated?

    I am writting a research paper on "Is punk music over rated" and I am having trouble finding information about punk music. Such as the history, important bands, important albumns etc. If you could please help, that would be great!

    Stems, Key and Time Signature

    Could you check if I did properly for questions 9, 10 and 11? (they are in the attached files) 9. Add stems to each of the following to make one complete bar in each time signature... Please see attached.

    Key Signature Rests

    Could you check if I do the questions 5,6,7,8 and 9 properly? They are in the 2 attached files. (2 pages in total) and I really don't know how to do question 9 and another small problem in question 7... 5. Add rests in the spaces marked by a bracket... 6. Add the correct time signature to each of the following bars.