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Robert and Clare Schumann

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In regard to Robert and Clara Schumann. How was music changed based on the role of women in nineteenth century music.
What was Clara Schumann's role as a major figure in the romantic period and how does Robert and Clara Schumann's music compare and contrast? In what way did their personal lives affect their musical lives and vice versa?

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As you show music changed based on the role of women in nineteenth century music, women's passion and emotional realms, I feel, allowed music to change. For example, music began to embody memorable melodies, expressive harmonies, and expanded forms. Women attained elevated statuses as performers, teachers, composers, and patrons, allowing more music conservatories to open.

Music also changed as it became more public, moving from palace and church to public concert halls. I also feel that women played a role in reviving nationalistic folklore and folk songs and dances in terms of music.

Research also attests that musicians ...

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