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    Johann Sebastian Bach's music

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    This job offers help generating ideas for an essay on Johann Sebastian Bach.

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    Dear Student,
    We're here to help you become a better writer and to spark your interest in writing even though there might not be any at this point in life. Our company has policies that we do not write any assignments for students. However, it is our job to help you get this assignment started and completed successfully. So, I can provide you with suggestions of books that you should check out from your library. Since I do not go to your university, I can't do that research part for you. Without having done research, this paper would not have been successful as well. This type of paper is in my expertise, and I have performed a few keyboard/piano pieces by Bach before.

    With that said, let me start you off with one of the famous of Bach's keyboard pieces that he wrote. Since you did not give me any parameters to work with, I'll provide them from a pianist's point of view. (As that is another one of my professions). Bach was famous for a series of keyboard pieces called "Prelude and Fugue" as well as Keyboard Inventions (these are easier-level piano works than the "Prelude and Fugue"); he wrote a number of them. He also wrote larger piano works as well as keyboard concerto. (I kept using the word "keyboard" because piano hasn't quite been developed yet at his time....) That is not one of my favorites though----another longer piece he wrote for the keyboard is called the "Italian Concerto" in three-movement form.

    So from there, you can choose one piece of his work to write about. If piano ...

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