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    Rewriting Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

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    Please provide assistance selecting a scene (Act 2 Scene 1) from "12th Night" and rewriting it with a modern twist, the genre can be changed to (realistic, science, fiction, teen drama, action blockbuster, etc) but the basic character traits and plot needs to remain the same. I have to rewrite the scene using modern language and references to modern culture that readers will recognize. Required elements are: complete scene rewrite with modern language; maintains elements of original plotline and characters traits; creative twist is evident, such as a modern genre.

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    There are many methods you could use to produce this altered scene. I will provide you with some suggestions, ideas, and examples that you can use to develop an altered, modern scene. The dialogue is put together, but each area could be expanded upon in order to enhance the scene.

    The scene requested (act 2, scene 1) reflects an interaction between Sebastian and Antonio. The conversation that they had takes place outside of Antonio's home. Sebastian confesses his true identity to Antonio and shares that he had recently lost his sister in a drowning incident; this occurred the same day and location where Antonio had found or saved him. Initially, Sebastian was set to leave, but Antonio requested him to remain as a guest. This then spawned Sebastian's tale of woe, which ignited an emotional reaction from Antonio and resulted in Antonio wanting to become Sebastian's servant, so that he could remain with Sebastian. Sebastian refused the offer and ...

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    Act 2 Scene 1 from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is rewritten in an updated fashion using a science fiction style genre.