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    Bach: Fugue in G Minor

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    1) What makes it easy to hear the fugue theme enter throughout the piece?
    2) What makes it difficult to hear the fugue theme enter throughout the piece?
    3) How many entrances of the fugue subject can you hear?
    4) Is the Theme and Variation form or the Fugue form better for interest or ease of listening?

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    In this composition, written in the key of G minor, a four voice Fugue, titled "Fuga XVI" by J.S. Bach, the left hand begins in a somewhat mezzo-forte tone with an 8th rest. You are supposed to slur the first two 8th notes on D and E-flat, drop on the next bass-G note. You're alos supposed to slur the last two quarters on the F-sharp and G as well. Into the next measure, we have also an 8th rest start it, but this ...

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