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    Report on a music event

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    Write a report about a music event attended. The event does not need to be a concert. For example mariachis performing at a wedding or drummers, singers and dancers at a Powwow are acceptable subjects for a report.
    The report should examine not only the music itself but also the cultural environment from which it comes. It should include critical thought and analysis about the music and the cultural environment in which it is performed. In addition, you should have observations about the audience and performers.

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    Over the summer I attended the Iron Maiden/Dream Theater concert in Detroit, in which they premiered music from their latest album. Both bands that performed have the uncanny ability to play music live, especially on the instrumental level. Dream Theater, a band of 5 metal virtuosi, is especially well-practiced and serious. John Petrucci is the highlight as the guitarist for the band, and he generates incredibly technical solos and solid rhythm work integrated perfectly into the music. His guitar work tends to utilize exotic scalar passages as well as a heavy dose of alternate picking (a technique whereby the plectrum strikes with upstrokes and downstrokes in a rapid fashion that affords the performer a large boost in speed without needing to resort to "legato" techniques such as finger tapping) to give a sound that is unique to the style of progressive metal from the 1980s in the vein of Racer X and other virtuosic guitar-driven bands. Mike Portnoy anchors the band, as well, with his drumming style. He uses complicated drumming patterns that are commonplace in a number of songs (For instance, "As I Am," the opening number for the many of the band's concerts, a sudden change in the second verse from the common time to a heavily syncopated triple time is driven largely by the percussion). The keyboardist, Jordan Rudess, is an interesting injection of a classical music upbringing. As a child, he gained enough proficiency to be ...

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