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How Humanities Differ From Other Modes of Human Inquiry

1 - Please describe a cultural event you experienced (musical, dance, theater, art, literature, etc.) of your choice, and your reaction to the event. Explain how the event was an expression of what you know about the Humanities, Art, Style, Genius, and Culture of the time period it represents.

2 - How are the humanities distinguished from other modes of human inquiry and expression?

3 - How does the selected form of cultural expression compare with other forms you know about from the same time period?

Solution Summary

This solution contains a detailed description of a very special and specific cultural event that I participated in relating to the Baroque musical period. As a scientist and a musician, I am uniquely qualified to address the differences between the humanities and the sciences. In this solution, I share some of my vision and understanding with you. I have included one link to other source material that you may find helpful in the context of this solution.