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Use of costumes in the Broadway musical, Ragtime.

This job emphasizes how the use of costumes helps to generate a mood or feeling for the audience in the Broadway musical, Ragtime.

What mood did they create?
Did they set one race apart from another?
Were costumes used in any other way to help with a certain theme?

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To answer these questions that you posted, you have to try and understand the musical as much as you can. Whenever I watch a musical, I usually pay attention to their singing tone, different songs, and acting. Costumes are doubtlessly harder to understand. But, I was a music major in my undergrad studies, and I've had to write a lot of reports on musicals as well.

Whenever I think of Broadway musicals and watch actors/dancers on a specific show, I would observe them from all dimensions and angles. I will provide you with some effective questions for you to keep in mind when working on this essay. To be an expert on this topic, try to address the answer to the questions below,

What are costumes? What makes good costumes for this musical? What ...

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This job talks about costume purpose in the musical, Ragtime.