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Broadway Musicals

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Names of Broadway musicals and their social impact are provided.

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As you investigate the history of Broadway musicals and their social impact, I have given you some ideas to infuse:

First, the 1920s was an era deemed as The Golden Age. Some of its prominent pieces were "-The Vagabond King,. Dearest Enemy, Sally and No, No, Nanette, Lady Be Good, Oh Kay! Show Boat, and others.
For more titles, please review to http://www.musicals101.com/1920bway3.htm

Various social impacts occurred. For example, this era saw the initiation of Black Musicals. Therefore, the social impact encompasses more racial integration in the arts. However, the fatal impact of the Stock Market crash impacted this era, making theatre a powerful emotional escaper from the turmoil of life.

As you explore the 1930s, some possible titles include: Anything Goes, Strike Up the Band , Girl Crazy, Of Thee I Sing, Porgy and Bess, Babes In Arms , I'd Rather Be Right , and I Married An Angel
For more titles, please peruse http://www.musicals101.com/1930bway3.htm
or http://www.musicals101.com/1930bway4.htm

The 1930s social impact again provided an escape from the perils of the Great Depression. However, theatre made strong ...

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This posting addresses how musicals offer social ramifications.

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