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    Gospel (African-American Roots)

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    Discuss briefly ways in which gospel has influenced popular music and ways in which popular music has influenced gospel. Consider vocal style, harmony, melody, orchestration and rhythm.

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    In the first place, as you briefly explicate how gospel influences today's genres in popular music, you might note that it embodies strong vocal skills and vocal power of these genres. Research also finds that "In the 1950's, musicians such as Ray Charles and Little Richard introduced this powerful singing style to white audiences and popular music was forever changed; much for the better" (http://www.articlesbase.com/music-articles/gospel-musics-continuing-influence-597387.html#ixzz0zFfvOCPO).

    Again, you might also add that gospel also specifically influences the "Soul" aspect of today's R&B music. Research reveals that since it "kept a faithful ...

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    Gospel (African-American Roots) is correlated with contemporary music briefly.