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    Key Signature Rests

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    Could you check if I do the questions 5,6,7,8 and 9 properly?

    They are in the 2 attached files. (2 pages in total)

    and I really don't know how to do question 9 and another small problem in question 7...

    5. Add rests in the spaces marked by a bracket...

    6. Add the correct time signature to each of the following bars.

    Please see attached.

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    Hope this helps....you've got a fairly good grasp on this material, just brush up on your augmented chords and key signatures and you'll be off to the races.

    Question 1

    Bar One - last rest should be an eighth rest not a quarter
    Bar Two - same problem
    Bar Three - first rest should an eighth rest (the one that looks like a 7), then a quarter rest, then a sixteenth
    Bar Four - good

    Bar One - everything is right in theory except it is more correct to group your last two ...

    Solution Summary

    The key signature rests are determined. The chord namings of bars are provided.