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    Descriptive Statistics

    Wholesales of Strawberries and Revenue Maximization

    This season, a fruit wholesaler has 1000 lb of fresh strawberries for sale. Previous experience shows that demand is a function of the price it charges and is given by the following: Demand = 1000 - 150 * Price For instance, when the price is $1.00 per lb, the demand is equal to 1000 - 150*1 = 850 lb. Any left-over strawberr

    Solving Statistics Questions

    I am having a problem understanding these questions. I thought that maybe your assistance could help me understand this better. 1. In 1798, Henry Cavendish measured the density of the earth using an instrument called a torsion balance. While the density is obviously not uniform, the value of the mean density is important in d

    Building a Frequency Distribution in Excel

    Please help with the following statistics problems. For the following data: 15 25 13 10 9 17 13 15 20 5 1) Calculate the mean and standard deviation 2) Decide if it's a normal distribution 3) Build a frequency distribution

    Least cost shipping schedule

    Using WHAT'S BEST! or Solver answer the following: Determine the least cost shipping schedule where each of three (3) hardware vendors provide up to two hundred (200) units and each of six (6) buyers demand one hundred (100) units. The shipping costs (in dollars per unit) which are provided from Buyer 1 to Buyer 6 are as foll

    Using Statistics to Create a Managerial Report

    Scenario: Metropolitan Research, Inc., a computer research organization, conducts surveys designed to evaluate a wide variety of products and services available to consumers. In one particular study, Metropolitan Research Inc. looked at consumer satisfaction with the performance of automobiles produced by a major Detroit manufac

    Creating a Descriptive Statistics Table and Narrative

    Description: A study of very low birth weight (VLBW; < 1500g) infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) was conducted to examine relationships between infant characteristics, feeding status and outcomes. Infants were eligible for study if they had no congenital anomalies, were going to be cared for by their bio

    Statistics Problem: Reserved Airline Seats

    To help fill its seats for a particular flight, an airline offers a special nonrefundable fare of $200 for customers who make a reservation at least 21 days in advance and satisfy other restrictions. Thereafter, the fare will be $600. A total of 100 reservations will be accepted. The number of customers who have requested a rese

    Nominal, Ordinal, Interval or Ratio?

    Please help me indicate which scale these questions should be classified as being assessed on - nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio scale? 1. On a scale of one to seven, where one is extremely uninterested, and seven is very interested; what is your interest in this new idea? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2. Are these days durin

    Calculating Variability and Percent

    The box plots below show the real estate values of single values of single family homes in two neighboring cities, in thousands of dollars. Real estate values in neighboring communities Community Tiny town 60 85 110 Bi

    The Statistics of Song-Playing

    Please answer and show work! A random sample of a song playing times in seconds is as follows: 242, 231, 220, 213, 230, 293 1. Find the standard deviation 2. Are any of these playing times considered unusual? Does this differ with your intuition? Explain.

    Statistics: Interpretation of ANOVA results

    Hi, I am having a hard time with these questions. The questions are as follows, 1. Using the SPSS Output given below, interpret the data in the table for the within-subjects effect, the between-subjects effect, and the interaction. 2. Make sure to discuss the findings of the analysis in terms of what they actually mean in th

    Using the production lot size model to compute values

    1. Wilson Publishing Company produces books for the retail market. Demand for a current book is expected to occur at a constant annual rate of 7200 copies. The cost of one copy of the book is $14.50. The holding cost is based on an 18% annual rate, and production setup costs are $150 per setup. The equipment on which the boo

    Calculate the NPW for each of the given projects.

    Two types of equipment are being considered by your company to improve productivity and quality in the manufacturing process. Details for each type of equipment is as follows: Equipment A: this equipment has an initial investment of $78,000 and the salvage value at the end of the six year service life is estimated to be $20,0

    Descriptive Statistics and Probability Exercises

    A survey conducted by the Northwestern University Lindquist-Endicot Report asked 320 companies about the procedures they use in hiring. Only 54 %% of the responding companies review the applicant's college transcript as part of the hiring process, and only 44% consider faculty references. Assume that these percentages are true

    Moving Data on an Excel Sheet

    Need Excel tutorial for this one more than help with the calculations (see attachment). 2 data sets of random numbers of 10000 entries each are generated using the random number generator in the excel data analysis pack. Lets say these data are normally distributed and have different means and they are on two different work

    Class Boundaries of Datasets

    A data set that consist of 50 numbers has a minimum value of 16 and a maximum value of 74. determine the class boundaries using 2k>N rule if the data are a) discrete b) continuous Answer: a) 16-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-65, 66-75 b) 16 to under 26, 26 to under 36, 36 to under 46, 46 to under 56, 56 to under 66, 66 to u

    Calculations Around the Break-Even Point

    A firm producing poultry feed finds that the total cost C in dollars for producing and selling x units is given by C = 18 x + 150. Management plans to charge $22.50 per unit for the feed. 1. What is the break-even cost? 2. What is the profit for 75 units of feed sold? 3. How many units must be sold to produce a profit of

    PERT/CPM Crash Cost and Time

    The normal cost and crash cost for each activity is $12,000 and $7,000 respectively. The normal time to complete this activity is 8 days and crash time is 4 days. If this activity is crashed by 2 days and completed in 6 days, it will cost an additional _______________ . $1,000 $1,250 $2,000 $2,500

    Working with Statistical Terms

    Statistics Questions 1. Determine if this is an example of probability or statistics: More than half of all men surveyed preferred to watch college football over college basketball. 2. Determine if this data is qualitative or quantitative: Gender 3. Determine if this study is experimental or observational: Tests were c

    Presenting Descriptive Statistics

    Which statistics describing the homes in Florida do you think would be most useful in giving potential clients a feel for the market? Use the Florida Pool Home Data file (attached Excel document) to prepare a sample one-page handout that you might give to prospective buyers to describe the housing market in your area. Include an

    Mean and Standard Distribution

    1. Calculate the mean, median, and mode for the data set below. Is the distribution normal or skewed? Which measure of central tendency is most appropriate for this distribution? Why? 64 80 64 70 76 79 67 72 65 73 68 65 67 65 70 62 67 68 65 64 2. Calculate the range and standard deviation for the following five distribut

    Finding the Critical Path in a Problem

    According to the data in the table, what is the critical path? Activity | Immediate Predecessor | Optimistic Time | Most Likely Time | Pessimistic Time A - 2 8 14 B -

    Preparation of flexible budget for Logiclik.

    Logiclik sells its main product, ergonomic mouse pads, for $11 each. Its variable cost is $5 per pad. For volumes up to 60,000 pads, fixed expenses are $200,000 per month. Above 60,000 pads, monthly fixed expenses are $250,000. Prepare a monthly flexible budget for the product, showing sales, variable expenses, fixed expenses,

    Shipping Costs from Each of Two Regional Warehouses

    The following table provides shipping costs from each of two regional warehouses to each of three destinations. The supplies available and the demands are also given in the table. FROM TO Houston New Orleans Atlanta Supply

    Indicating Scores on the First Exam for a Class

    Assume that the following list indicates all the scores on the first exam for a class. Use this information: scores: (62, 88, 96, 75, 82,84). 1st calculate all 3 measures of central tendency and label each with appropriate symbol when necessary. 2nd calculate the 5number summary for the data and label each value 3rd what i

    Increase in Crime: Median Number of Crimes

    The median number of crimes of a particular type in Sydney is 10 per week. However, in the first 26 weeks of 2012, there have already been 12 weeks in which more than 10 crimes of this type have been committed. Should the Leader of the Opposition demand the resignation of the Minister for Police because of an increase in this ty

    Mathematical model for determining total costs

    Create a mathematical model for determining the total costs involved in driving from Atlanta to New York City. Be sure to think critically about all possible costs included in the trip and include them in your model. Assume that you have $2,000 available before the trip, so solve your model to show the funds remaining after the

    Finding Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation and Shape

    If many samples of size 15 (that is, each sample consists of 15 items) were taken from a large normal population with a mean of 18 and variance of 5, what would be the mean, variance, standard deviation and shape of the distribution of sample means? Give reasons for your answers. Note: Variance is the square of the standard dev