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    Statistics: Interpretation of ANOVA results

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    Hi, I am having a hard time with these questions. The questions are as follows,
    1. Using the SPSS Output given below, interpret the data in the table for the within-subjects effect, the between-subjects effect, and the interaction.
    2. Make sure to discuss the findings of the analysis in terms of what they actually mean in the context of the study.

    I have the data in the attached documents.

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    Within-Subjects Factors
    Anxiety_Level Dependent Variable
    1 RCMAS_Pretreatment
    2 RCMAS_Posttreatment

    Between-Subjects Factors
    Value Label N
    Treatment_Condition 1 CBT 33
    2 PSY 33
    3 SUPP 33

    Descriptive Statistics
    Treatment Condition Mean Std. Deviation N
    RCMAS_Pretreatment CBT 20.3333 3.70529 33
    PSY 19.9091 3.22455 33
    SUPP 20.4242 4.30864 33
    Total 20.2222 3.74045 99
    RCMAS_Posttreatment CBT 7.3939 4.34410 33
    PSY 11.7879 3.79768 33
    SUPP 16.0909 3.97149 33
    Total 11.7576 5.36255 99

    Multivariate Testsb
    Effect Value F Hypothesis df Error df Sig.
    Anxiety_Level Pillai's Trace .809 407.585a 1.000 96.000 .000
    Wilks' Lambda .191 407.585a 1.000 96.000 .000
    Hotelling's Trace 4.246 407.585a 1.000 96.000 .000
    Roy's Largest ...

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