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    Wholesales of Strawberries and Revenue Maximization

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    This season, a fruit wholesaler has 1000 lb of fresh strawberries for sale. Previous experience shows that demand is a function of the price it charges and is given by the following:
    Demand = 1000 - 150 * Price
    For instance, when the price is $1.00 per lb, the demand is equal to 1000 - 150*1 = 850 lb. Any left-over strawberries will be purchased by a food processing plant at a price of $0.10 per lb.

    a) Develop a spreadsheet model for the total revenue (consisting of the revenue from the sale of fresh and left-over strawberries). For example, when the price is set to $1.00 per lb, total revenue should be: 850 * $1.00 + (1000-850) * $0.10 = $865. When the price is set to $2.00 per lb, the total revenue should be: 700* $2.00 + (1000-700) * $0.10 = $1430.
    b) Develop a one-way data table to evaluate revenue as a function of price. The price range should go from $0.00 to $5.00 in increments of $0.20.
    c) Use Solver to find the price that maximizes revenue.

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    b) Let Price be denoted as x. Recall that ...

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