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    Plotting data and calculations using Venn diagrams

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    A survey of fruit tree growers showed the following:

    71 grew raspberries 25 grew both raspberries and blueberries
    46 grew blueberries 16 grew both raspberries and strawberries
    31 grew strawberries 20 grew both blueberries and strawberries
    11 grew all three types 7 grew none of these three

    Create a Venn diagram to reflect the above data, label your diagram clearly and use the diagram to answer the following questions.

    (a) How many grew only raspberries?
    (b) How many grew only strawberries?
    (c) How many grew both strawberries and raspberries, but not blueberries?
    (d) How many grew exactly two of these three?
    (e) How many fruit tree growers were surveyed?

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