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Building a Frequency Distribution in Excel

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Please help with the following statistics problems.

For the following data:

15 25 13 10 9 17 13 15 20 5

1) Calculate the mean and standard deviation
2) Decide if it's a normal distribution
3) Build a frequency distribution

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Solution Summary

This solution shows how to calculate the mean and standard deviation, and build a frequency distribution in Excel. The data sample size is n=10. Explanations are given along with calculations in Excel.

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Dear Student:

First input your data into an Excel spreadsheet (see the attached spreadsheet). Arranged the data in a column, each piece of data in its own cell. For calculating the standard deviation, go to an empty cell, click fx, a box opens where you can search for the function you are looking for. Type 'standard deviation' in the box, click Go and in the lower box you see alternative functions to use. Choose STDEV (this is the one you will most often use for standard deviation) and another box opens. Now, in this particular example, for number1 space, you input cell references ...

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