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    Descriptive Statistics

    Basic Statistics

    1. To get the best deal on a CD player, Tom called eight appliance stores and asked the cost of a specific model. The prices he was quoted are listed below: $ 298 $ 125 $ 511 $ 157 $ 231 $ 230 $ 304 $ 372 Find the Standard deviation 2. When investigating times required for drive-through service, the following results (in s

    Finding descriptive sample statistics

    I have a question about a statistic problem regarding the dataset provided. It is based on a sample of 252 men, all of whom have had their body fat and weight recorded. Also a doctor's office claims that the mean body fat in men is 20%. I have the mean, media and mode but I am not sure how to find the range and standard deviatio

    Developing a Transportation Model

    Liquid Gold, Inc. transports radioactive waste from nuclear power plants to disposal sites around and about the country. Each plant has an amount of material that must be moved each period. Each site has a limited capacity per period. The cost of transporting between sites is given here (see attached). Develop and solve a tr

    Understanding the elements of a study

    Please help me understand the concepts outlined below. I have to: - Construct a scale using the skills you have learned (What is meant by 'construct a scale' and what does a scale look like?) - Identify a construct (What are constructs and how in depth you you identify one?) - Operationally define your construct

    Descriptive statistics

    If you were given a large data set such as the sales over the last year of our top 1,000 customers, what might you be able to do with this data? What might be the benefits of describing the data?

    Decision Analysis: Payoff Table

    A manufacturer produces and sells chilled, ready-to-eat pasta salad in round lots of 50 serving units each. These items have a very limited shelf life; therefore, if items are made but not sold, they have no value. Conversely, if demand exceeds supply during the week (regular production runs are made on Friday of each week for s

    Case Problem Alumni Giving

    Alumni donations are an important source of revenue for colleges and universities. If administators could determine the factors that influence increases in the percentage of alumni who make a donation,they might be able to implement policies that could lead to increased revenues. Research shows that students who are more satisfi

    Identifying the Best Score

    Suppose you earned 100 points on an exam. Under which of the following conditions did you earn the best grade? When: a. ? = 80 and ? = 10 b. ? = 80 and ? = 5 c. ? = 105 and ? = 10 d. ? = 105 and ? = 5

    Measures of central tendency for Walmart: How help with inventory?

    Please see attachment for Wal-Mart's data. 1.) Calculate Mean Median and Mode. 2.) Generate a frequency distribution of the data using Microsoft Excel. 3.) Compare the mode median and mean of the data. 4.) Compare the range with the standard deviation of the data. Once these first 4 items are complete, we can start

    Positive or Negative Correlations

    Show all your work. Look at the scatter plot below. Does it demonstrate a positive or negative correlation? Why? Is there any outliers? What are they?

    Unavoidable Costs

    In deciding whether to add or drop new products, services, or departments, managers should emphasize the option that makes the greatest contribution possible to pay unavoidable costs. True or False? Why?

    Revenue and Cost Reimbursement

    Prices are most directly related to costs in industries where revenue is based on cost reimbursement. True or False? Why?

    Fixed Costs on Special Orders

    Which of the statements below is false regarding special order decisions? 1. A fixed cost element of an identical amount that is common among all alternatives is essentially irrelevant. 2. Fixed cost per unit is equal to total fixed costs divided by a selected volume level. 3. The contribution approach offers more de

    Contribution Margin

    The choice of the absorption or contribution approach affects a firm's contribution margin because _____. a. contribution margin is higher if the contribution approach is used b. contribution margin is lower if the contribution approach is used c. contribution margin is independent of the approach d. none of these answers

    Unit Manufacturing Costs: Absorption and Contribution Approaches

    Coca Cola Company gathered the following information regarding its only product: Direct materials used $9,000 Direct labor 17,000 Variable factory overhead 13,000 Fixed factory overhead 8,000 Variable selling and administrative expenses 22,000 Fixed selling and administrative expenses 11,000 Units produced and sold 10,0

    descriptive and inferential statistics

    Hi, Xenia, I need a guide to help to understand 400 words please. What are the similarities between descriptive and inferential statistics? What are the differences? When should you use descriptive and inferential statistics? Give two specific examples of descriptive statistics and two specific examples of inferential statis

    Descriptive Statistic Questions with Explanations

    1. True or false: The binomial distribution equations will not give exact probabilities for experiments in which sampling is done without replacement. In those cases, the trials are not truly independent. 2. A pet store stocks Japanese koi fish. The owner of the pet store orders five koi from his supplier. Of the supplier's

    Descriptive Statistics for Yearly Salaries

    The following data show the yearly salaries of a sample of MBA graduates. MBA Student Salary (in $1,000) A 78 B 87 C 80 D 100 E 104 F 88 G 82 H 85 a. Compute the mean yearly salary and give your answer in dollars. b. Compute the standard deviation and give your answer in dollars. c. Compute the 75th percentile

    A study was conducted comparing female adolescents who suffer from bulimia (an eating disorder) to healthy females with similar body compositions and levels of physical activity. Listed below are measures of daily caloric intake, recorded in kilocalories per kilogram body weight, for samples of adolescents from each group.

    A study was conducted comparing female adolescents who suffer from bulimia (an eating disorder) to healthy females with similar body compositions and levels of physical activity. Listed below are measures of daily caloric intake, recorded in kilocalories per kilogram body weight, for samples of adolescents from each group. Da

    Central Tendency

    1. Compare the mean and median of the HC3 variable and the mean and median of the OUTNI variable. What does the similarity/difference between the mean and median indicate? 2. On average, do people use the nutrition information the same when buying food for home or selecting a menu item? 3. Develop a z-score for the age vari

    Type of Variable: Scale and Side Effects

    The severity of side effects experienced by patients while being treated with a particular medicine is under study. The severity is measured on the scale: none, mild, moderate, severe, very severe. a. Name the variable of interest. b. Identify the type of variable Is the variable of interest the scale and the variable

    Expected Total Fixed Cost of Hilton Hotels

    Hilton Hotels cost function based on guest-days of occupancy for custodial cost is given as: Y = $50,000 + $7.50X. Hilton Hotels expects an occupancy level of 10,000 guest days. Which are the expected total fixed cost?

    what is the best point estimate

    Refer to Data Set 3 in Appendix B. a. Based on the sample results, find the best point estimate of the percentage of college students who gain weight in their freshman year. WTSEP WTAPR 72 59 13 97 86 11 74 69 5 93 88 5 68 64 4 59 55 4 64 60 4 56 53 3 70 68 2 58 56 2 50 47 3 71 69 2 67 66 1 56 55 1 70 68 2 61

    Create and Analyze a Self-designed Fictitious Study

    Create and Analyze a Self-designed Fictitious Study For this activity you will undertake an analysis based on a self-designed fictitious study that utilizes statistical methodologies. You will first develop a fictitious problem to examine - it can be anything. For example, maybe you want to look at whether scores on a standar

    What will be the next year's EPS? What rate of growth is expected?

    Soencer Supplies' stock is currently selling for $60 a share. The firem is expected to earn $5.40 share this year and to pay a year-end dividend of $3.60. (a) If investors require a 9% return, what rate of growth must be expected for Spencer? (b) If Spencer reinvests earnings in projects with average returns equal to the stock

    Help with Supplementary Exercises

    I need help (step-by-step) with the following example exercises (please see attached). These examples are used to help us prepare for the the types of problems that will be on our final. I am not good in math (especially statistics) and hope that someone can help break these answers down in laymens terms. Thanks, E

    Differences in Aggressive Behavior Across Grade Levels

    A researcher ws interested in the differences in aggressive behavior across grade levels. They selected two samples to compare: a group of first graders at a public school and a group of 5th graders from a private school. The researcher measured the number of times each child hit another during 30 minute playground interactions.

    Decision Modeling

    Develop a two way data table for the airline pricing model for airplane capacities ranging from 200 to 360 in increments of 20 and fixed costs ranging from $60,000 to $120,000 in increments of $10,000