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Descriptive Statistics

Cross tabulations using minitab

Prepare one way tabulations of all variables using minitab. In the menu line at the top of the screen click on Stat and drag the cursor to tables. Click on tally individual variables. select all the variables in the data set by marking their names in the dialog box and clicking select. Make sure at least count is marked u

Descriptive Statistics in Research

I do not understand this research and statistics at all but I'm starting to learn about the different types of research and about reliability and validity. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thank you so much! What are some examples of descriptive statistics? Why are they used in research? List the three measure

MLB salaries: Data analysis using descriptive statistics (Excel)

Please see attachment This research could affect the players of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the fans. The teams that have a lower salary have a lower win rate per year this affects there draft pick they cannot afford well-known plays with high batting averages. These teams have to pick medioka players during the draft, ca


What are descriptive statistics? What are inferential statistics? How are each used in quantitative studies? What different types of variables are used in quantitative studies? Describe each type of variable and how they differ.

Descriptive statistics: 18 multiple choice questions

Assignment: Week 1 Ch 1 1. A quality-control manager randomly selects 90 bottles of vinegar that were filled on September 21 to assess the calibration of the filling machine. What is the population in the study? A. Bottles of vinegar produced in the plant. B. Bottles of vinegar produced in the plant on September 21. C. T

Histogram and Bivariate Plots, Value of a Slope, and Linear Regression Analysis

Three quantitative reasoning statistics questions. Problem 1: The following frequency table reports the number of employees in company using frequent flier miles (in thousands) during the first half of 2008. Table 1. Frequent Flyer Data Frequent Flier Miles (000) Number of Employees 0 up to 5 10 5 up to 10 22 10 up

Shear's Insurance Agents

The insurance department at Shear's has two agents, each working at a mean speed of 8 customers per hour. Customers arrive at the insurance desk at a mean rate of one every six minutes and form a single queue. Management feels that some customers are going to find the wait at the desk too long and take their business to Word's,

Statistical Data Analysis using Excel

See attached file. Assume you are researching about housing in a neighborhood encompassed by 5 townships in the attached Real Estate Data Set (Excel). Evaluate if the distance from center of town the homes are located creates a positive, negative or neutral change in the price of the home. Data analysis using descriptive

Various Calculations Given Time Series of IBM Stock Prices

1. Download time series of daily and monthly prices for IBM for 1963-2009. 2. Compute the sample mean, median, variance, skewness, kurtosis, min, and max for continuously compounded, i) daily and ii) monthly returns. Compare the same for simple returns. a. Are there any differences in skewness of daily and monthly returns?

General Aviation: plot data, discuss pattern, fitted trend, forecast

Instruction: ? a) Plot the data ? b) Discuss the pattern and possible causes ? c) Would a fitted trend be helpful? ? d) Does 1992-2003 graph suggest fitted trend can predict 2004? ? e) Fit a trend model to 1992-2004 data ? f) Make a forecast for 2004 ? g) Why is it best to ignore earlier data? The t

Statistics - Basic Analysis - SPSS

The first part of this Application is your analysis using SPSS. To conduct your quantitative analysis, use your course text, (a) Selecting appropriate variables based on type (nominal, ordinal, or scale), calculate descriptive statistics. At the very least, calculate a mean, median, and standard deviation. Be sure to save

X-bar and R-bar Charts for a Manufacturing Process

A new machine has just been installed to cut and rough-shape large slugs. The slugs are then transferred to a precision grinder. One of the critical measurements is the outside diameter. The quality control inspector randomly selected five slugs each hour, measured the outside diameter, and recorded dthe results. The measurement

Descriptive Statistics

A new machine has just been installed to cut and rough-shape large slugs. The slugs are then transferred to a precision grinder. One of the critical measurements is the outside diameter. The quality control inspector randomly selected five slugs each hour, measured the outside diameter, and recorded the results. The measurements

Descriptive Statistics Frequency Distribution and Histogram

In a study of job satisfaction, a series of tests were administered to 50 participants. The following data were obtained; higher scores represent greater dissatisfaction: Use the data of this question to calculate the following: 1. Frequency dist. 2. Relative frequency dist. 3. Cumulative frequency dist. 4. Histogram

Descriptive Statistics for Dry Cleanings

The number of dry cleaning orders picked up at Sunny Fresh Dry Cleaners was sampled over 4 hour periods. Below is the sample: 61 58 67 52 25 64 38 49 51 61 58 61 27 61 58 34 From this data set, compute the sample mean, median, mode and midrange. Compute the 1st quartile and 3rd and

Simplex Procedure

See the attached file. The Dreskin Development Company is building two apartment complexes. It must decide how many units to construct in each complex subject to labor and material constraints. The profit generated for each apartment in the first complex is estimated at $900, for each apartment in the second complex, $1,500.

Simplex method for profits at the Roller Products Company

The Roller Products Company produces roller skates and skateboards. It has three production lines. Production line 1 makes skateboard platforms. Production line 2 makes skate assemblies. Production line 3 mounts wheels on both products. The marketing department has determined virtually unlimited demand for both products. Profit

Solving Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

1. Suppose we collected data from each person in the class on the number of years since their last math class and their anticipated grade for this statistics class. Determine whether descriptive or inferential statistics would be used to answer each of these research questions: a. What is the average number of years since th

Must using Excel Solver and Scenario Manager

It is the new season of the "Masterchef Australia" 2 TV programme. In the grand opening of the first episode, audiences are presented with a one-time-in-history-only re-match cooking bout between Julie (last season's winner) and Poh (the runner up). This time however, both contestants cook for a buffet (i.e. cook in bulk) as


# 16 A random sample of the number of farms (in thousands) in various states follows. Estimate the mean of farms per state with 90% confidence. 47 95 54 33 64 4 8 57 9 80 8 90 3 49 4 44 79 80 48 16 68 7 15 21 52 6 78 109 40 50 29 Answer - #24 A pizza shop o