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Descriptive and Inferential Statistics using SPSS

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1. Compare the mean and median of the HC3 variable and the mean and median of the OUTNI variable. What does the similarity/difference between the mean and median indicate?
2. On average, do people use the nutrition information the same when buying food for home or selecting a menu item?
3. Develop a z-score for the age variable. Compare this value to the original value. Explain the difference.
4. Using the variables HChml, SEhml, PHBhml, and PNKhml, conduct a cross-tab on these variables and the gender, ethnic, and z-score age variables. Graph these finding and discuss.
5. Determine the correlation between PHB1, PHB5, HOH, and OUTH. Discuss your findings

SPSS software was needed to work this problem.

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The solution computes for the descriptive statistics such as the mean, median, graphing, and cross tabulation given a raw data in an electronic tally sheet. It also computes for inferential statistics specifically differences and correlation using SPSS. The solutions and instructions are contained in the attached seven (7) files.