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Descriptive Statistics

Linear Programming and Sensitivity Analysis Using Solver

Sky Queen (SQ) has hired you to develop its production plan for the next 12 months (September - August.) The objective is to minimize total cost. SQ can hire and fire employees but this action incurs a hiring cost of $600 per employee and a firing cost of $950 per employee. Other relevant costs are: $8.00 per unit produced in

Four multi-part questions

Please see Excel file. a. Compute the mean and standard deviation for the sample data b. Using the mean and standard deviation computed in part 9a) as estimates of the mean and standard deviation of salary for the population of benefits managers with an annual salary between $55,000 and $71,000 c. Develop a histogram f

Clearly define the dependent and independent variables of the shortage of teachers in the United States. The dependent variable is the variable whose value is the result or is a function of the control or independent variables

With more then a million teachers set to retire we are seeing a record number of turnovers in the teaching profession. In a time where student enrollments across America are increasing at a rapid place experts predict that we will need more then two million teachers over the next decade. Clearly define the dependent and indepen

Subject: Quantitative Analysis

A quality characteristic of interest for a tea-bag-filling process is the weight of the tea in the individual bags. If the bags are underfilled, two problems arise. First, customers may not be able to brew the tea to be as strong as they wish. Second, the company may be in violation of the truth-in-labeling laws. In this exa

Calculate the variation ratio for each type of adult offender group.

To examine the continuity and discontinuity in the criminal careers of 7,453 females of low socio-economic status, Tracy and Kempf-Leonard (1996) examined whether these females were nonoffenders, one-time offenders, recidivist offenders, or chronic offenders as juveniles and whether these females became nonoffenders, one-time of

Descriptive statistics for cross-sectional data: term project

Deliverable 1: Descriptive Statistics (10 points) Our main emphasis in the course is "inferential" statistics which means taking samples and drawing an inference or conclusions about the population. Access raw data or a database from government, business, health, and similar official Web sites pertaining to your area of i

Imagine a team of researchers was going to study "you." They would be gathering data from a typical day at your job, your home life, and school. When the data compilation is finished the researchers would conduct an analysis. What would a distribution or a bell curve look like from your day? Give examples of how data from aspect

A CPM Problem Project Completion

Develop a network for this data, total project completion time and the critical path: Activity immediate Predecessor Time(days) A - 2 B

Bank Operations Case Study

The workload in many areas of bank operations has the characteristics of a non-uniform distribution with respect to time of day. For example, at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, the number of domestic money transfer requests received from customer, if plotted against time of day, would appear to have the shape of an inverted U

New York State Security

What is New York city homeland doing to keep the state secured? What action are they taking to keep the state secure from terrorism?

Frequency Distribution

1. The distribution of the grades of the 1st Assignment in the class of Statistics is shown below: [The calculations and the graph for this exercise must be done on Excel. As soon as you get the data on class intervals and frequencies that are shown below, you will create a table on Excel with the necessary detailed column c

Describing Statistical Statements

Please complete the following: A. Identify the population and the sample: A survey of 787 small-business managers found that 72% are optimistic about the future of their company. b. Determine whether the numerical value describes a parameter or a statistic: 19% of a sample of Indiana 9th graders surveyed smoked cigarettes

Sample size

A random sample of 41 basketball players from The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia gave the sample standard deviation for player height as s=3.32 inches. How many more players from this encyclopedia should be included in the sample to be 99% sure that the sample mean is within 0.50 inches of the population mean of all player

Rolling Sevens and other questions

What is the probability to roll 2 sevens with 2 dice on two consecutive rolls? Note: to roll a 7, you need 2 dice and will roll 2 dice 2 times to get 2 sevens. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Going fishing in a lake with bass weighing an avera

Interaction between 2 factors

There is interaction between two factors if the effect of one of the factors changes for different categories of the other factor. True False Impossible to determine


PART ONE - 1. Arcs in a project network indicate a. completion times. b. precedence relationships. c. activities. d. the critical path. 2. The critical path a. is any path that goes from the starting node to the completion node. b. is a combination of all paths. c. is the shortest path. d. is the longest p


(See attached file for full problem description) only the first 3 problems: 187. The store policy is that items not sold in one month are reduced 10% in price. Product X costs you $30.00 when you purchase 50. During the first month you sell 20 units of product X at $50.00; the remaining 30 are sold in the second month. What i

Descriptive Statistics Calculation

Chapter 1, Exercise 2, p 14 What is the level of measurement for these items related to the newspaper business? a. The number of papers sold each Sunday during 2004. b. The departments, such as editorial, advertising, sports, etc. c. A summary of the number of papers sold by county. d. The number of years with the pa


A local newspaper has 10 delivery boys who each deliver the morning newspaper to 50 customers every day. The owner decides to record the percentage of papers delivered on time for a 10-day period and construct a p chart to see whether the percentage is too erratic. Day Percentage of Papers Delivered on Time 1 91.6 2 89.4 3

EOQ Model

Demand for a popular athletic shoe is nearly constant at 800 pairs per week for a regional division of a national retailer. The cost per pair is $54. It costs $72 to place an order, and annual holding costs are charged at 22% of the cost per unit. The lead time is two weeks. a. What is the EOQ? b. What is the reorde

Assistance with stats

I. What level of data? Question: If statisticians were planning a study on the levels of measurement, how would they identify numbers associated with the example below? (a)scores on a teacher-prepared math test __________________________ (b)scores on a commercially prepared standardized reading test_____________ (c)

Mean Annual Commissions

The annual commissions earned by sales representatives of Machine Products, Inc. a manufacturer of light machinery, follow the normal distribution. The mean yearly amount earned is $40,000 and the standard deviation is $5,000. a. What percent of the sales representatives earn more than $42,000 per year? b. What percent of th

Statistics Multiple Choices

1. The Herfindahl-Hirschman (HH) Index is used to a) measure the degree of market concentration in an industry. b) measure the extent of price leadership. c) measure the degree of nonprice competition. d) None of the above. 2. Which of the following conditions would definitely cause a perfectly competitive company to shut

Matched pairs technique

The following data give the gains in weight of eight pairs of experimental animals matched with respect to growth factors. One of each pair, selected by chance, was given a supplement of vitamin B to its regular diet. Use the matched pairs technique to test whether B had no influence on weight. The following data give the gai

Determining a Difference in Means

The operations manager at a light bulb factory wants to determine whether there is a difference in the average life expectancy of bulbs manufactured on two different types of machines. The process standard deviation of Machine I is 110 hours and of Machine II is 125 hours. A random sample of 25 lights bulbs obtained from Machi