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Incidence ratio problem

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The table below shows fictitious data about the number of survivors and percentage survival of breast cancer victims in March 1999. The data are grouped according to the extent of the disease at the time of diagnosis and the type of hospital (provincial or teaching) where the woman was treated.

Extent of Breast Cancer Provincial Hospitals Teaching Hospitals
Number of patients Percent of total patients Percent Survived Number Survived Number of patients Percent of total patients Percent Survived Number Survived
Local 240 (80) 60% 144 30 (30) 70% 21
Regional 30 (10) 30% 9 40 (40) 50% 20
Metastatic 30 (10) 10% 3 30 (30) 20% 6

# What is the overall survival percentage in provincial hospitals and in teaching hospitals?

# Set up a 2x2 table with total breast cancer deaths as the outcome of interest and hospital type (provincial or teaching status) as the exposure of interest.

# Calculate the cumulative incidence of total breast cancer deaths in the provincial hospitals and in the teaching hospitals.

# Calculate the cumulative incidence ratio (risk ratio) of total breast cancer death in provincial hospitals relative to teaching hospitals

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Step by step method for computing test Risk ratio

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