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Estimating Risk and Association

Jone and associates carried out a study of sudden unexpected death in women. Data on smoking history are shown in the table:

Smoking 1+ Smoking <1
Pack/day Pack/day Total

Smoking 1 +pack/day 2 36 38
Smoking <1 pack/day 8 34 42

Total 10 70 80

Calculate the matched pair odds ratio for these data. Answer is 4.5 and What are the odds that the control smoke 1+ pack/day 1:7 or (0.143)

Problem: The book does not show the contingency table showing the numerical values for a, b, c, d. or the related formula for the measure of association (OR, PR, PAR, etc.) or a summary statement descirbing the relationship of the data and measure of association. e.g. Those who never eat raw fish have 1.55 times as much risk(higher incidence)as those who eat raw fish almost daily (RR= 1.55). I can not learn how to the author arrives at the answer without them including the step by step process. Thank you for your assistance.

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Estimating risk and associations are examined. The contingency tables in related formulas are determined.