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Descriptive Statistics

Under what conditions could trigger strategies be used by these firms to support the collusive level of advertising? Identify the costs that are relevant for your decision, and then determine whether Gear Net should produce 250 hubs or 500 hubs.

15. At a time when demand for ready-to-eat cereal was stagnant, a spokesperson for the cereal maker Kellogg's was quoted as saying, "... for the past several years, our individual company growth has come out of the other fellow's hide." Kellogg's has been producing cereal since 1906 and continues to implement strategies that ma

Integer goal programming model : a. Please describe several economic or "hard" constraints that you would include in your model. b.Please describe several goal or "soft" constraints that you would include in your model. c.Please describe how you would prioritize and/or relative weight the goals you have described in b.

You have now become an expert in the use of goal and integer programming. Consider now how you would creatively apply an integer goal programming model to this problem setting. You are asked here to provide a conceptual or written formulation rather than a mathematical formulation. a. Please describe several economic or "har

Testing for independence

Suppose that a survey of 100 individuals who live in the western region of New York was conducted. The party affiliation (Democrat, Independent, Republican) of each individual surveyed was recorded, as well as their response to the following three questions: Questions of Study 1. Should legislative pay be cut for every day

Statistics problem

The lengths of adult earthworms are normal with mean 8.6cm. and standard deviation 1.6cm. 40 adult earthworms are chosen at random. Approximate the probability that at lease 18 of them are less than 4.5cm.long.

Statistic qustion about adequate sampling

I have an xbar of 1000 and an Sx of 103. I have a random sample of 30. I am trying to figure out if this is an adequate sample without knowing the total population in an office. Can you lead me to a useable equation?