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Descriptive Statistics

Statistics - Descriptive Data

Kimble Products: Is There a Difference In the Commissions? At the January national sales meeting, the CEO of Kimble Products was questioned extensively regarding the company policy for paying commissions to its sales representatives.The company sells sporting goods to two major markets. There are 40 sales representatives who

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Statistical Analysis

General K. is concerned about sexually transmitted disease (STD) among the troops. In random inspection of 100 soldiers, 31 were found to have a venereal disease. To reduce the incidence, soldiers were shown an educational film on preventing STDs. In a second inspection of 200 soldiers, 43 had STDs. Calculate the following s

Length of time to complete 1040 tax form

According to an IRS study, it takes an average of 330 minutes for taxpayers to prepare, copy, and electronically file a 1040 tax form. A consumer watchdog agency selects a random sample of 40 taxpayers and finds the standard deviation of the time to prepare, copy, and electronically file form 1040 is 80 minutes. a) What assum

Calculating A-C as described

A study is made by the recording industry in the US of the number of music CDs owned by senior citizens and young adults. The information is reported below Seniors 28 35 41 48 52 81 97 98 98 99 118 132 133 140 145 147 153 158 162 174 177 180 180 187

Stats for social sciences

Data collected by the highway patrol indicate that the average speed on the stretch of an interstate is 63mph with a standard deviation of 15. What is the likelihood of observing a vehicle traveling 80 mph or more?

Descriptive Statistics Case Studies

What are the standard deviations of the returns for stocks A and B? Suppose you want to use this history as a guide to making an investment decision for the long run. Based on this history, and assuming that standard deviation of return is the appropriate measure of risk, does it make any differ

How could you use descriptive statistics at work?

1. How could you use descriptive statistics at work? 2. How could you use descriptive statistics in your personal life? 3. The median home price in your area has increased in the last 10 years, how does this differ from the mean home price in your area? 4.When might coefficient of variation be a better measure of dis

Weighted percentages

A business operates with 9 locations. Each year, each location is allotted an overtime budget based on the previous years' activity. The total overtime budget for all 9 locations is $10 million. Each activity is also weighted more in the overtime budget. ( ex: production numbers a weighted more than sales because production mos

Public Debt in Germany

It is not clear what data is being measured here and I do not understand the missing variable information. I need to prepare a brief summary outline with any important trends. I am not clear on this case study, I am very confused. When Germany was reunited after the Berlin wall fell, two dramatically different social, econo

Finite math/business analysis 7 Multiple choice questions on statistics

1.Those methods involving the collection, presentation, and characterization of a set of data in order to properly describe the various features of that set of data are called a. statistical inference. b. the scientific method. c. sampling. d. descriptive statistics. 2. Which of the following is most likely a parameter a

Manipulated independent variable

An example of a manipulated independent variable might be ___________ a) The amount of sensory deprivation given a participant, b) A participant's religious affiliation, c) A student participant's hallucinations in response to severe sensory deprivation, d) A retarded child's behavior after a session of relaxation t

Stratum weights for proportional allocation

A financial analyst is interested in estimating the average amount of a foreign loan by U.S. banks. The analyst believes that the amount of a loan may be different depending on the bank, or, more precisely, on the extent of the bank's involvement in foreign loans. The analyst obtains the following data on the percentage of pro

Statistical Methods

I am in a peer/mentor group. We are meeting to discuss statistical methods. I need to discuss the goals of two statistical methods. The statistical methods are to be selected by you. What are some statistical methods? What does each method attempt to accomplish? I only need to address two.

Discuss: Research Trends and Questions

I am having difficulty creating a question with this data. I am to create a presentation that is an hour and a half long. So I am thinking of formulating one broad question with three sub questions. Can someone help me? Thank you.

Independent variable involved?

Suppose you were interested in studying sexism. You tell half of your participants that an essay was written by "John" and the other half of your participants that the essay was written by "Joan". Participants then grade the essay. Broadly speaking, your approach to manipulating your independent variable involves a. Prese

Compare auditory abilities of blind versus normally sighted rats

A neuropsychologist compare the auditory abilities of blind versus normally sighted rats. He predicted that the visually impaired rats would have better auditory development than normally sighted rats. He raises two groups of rats for a year (one normally sighted, one blind) and assessed auditory development by examining the n

Two Statistics Problems

Table 8-35 gives the stopping distance d(feet) of an automobile traveling at speed v (miles per fou) at the instant danger is sighted. (a) Graph d against v. (b) Fit a least-squares parabola of the form d = a + bv + cv^2 to the data. (c) Estimate d when v = 45 miles per hour and 80 miles per hour. (See attachment for table and o

Michigan Motors Corporation Goal Programming

Michigan Motors Corporation (MMC) has just introduced a new luxury touring sedan. As part of its promotional campaign, the marketing department has decided to send personalized invitations to test drive the new sedan to two target groups: 1) Current owners of an MMC Luxury car and 2) owners of luxury cars manufactured by one of

Joint density...

The joint density of X and Y is given by f(x,y)= {xe to the power -(z+y) x>0, y>0 0 otherwise. Are X and Y independent? What if f(x,y) were given by f(x,y)= {2 0<x<y, 0<y<1 0 otherwise.

Derive Equation

Given the attached equation, mathematically prove the second equation ...

Linear Programming problem

Problem # 1 The following is the current mathematical model for the production of Standard and Deluxe Bags by Par Manufacturing. Max 10s + 9d s.t. 7/10s +1d is < or equal to 630 1/2s + 5/6 d < or equal to 600 1s + 2/3 d < or equal to 708 1/10s + 1/4d < or equal to 135 S, D, > or equal to 0 Optimal Solution =

Only for 103139,103997, 103866, 103940, or 103642 only

Only for above list Blood groups and Rh types of 100 randomly selected persons. If 1 of the 100 persons is randomly selected, find P(Group A or Rh+) and type a decimal Group A: 28Rh+ 7Rh- GroupB: 13+Rh 5Rh- GroupAB: 3Rh+ 4Rh- Group O: 34Rh+ 6Rh- Please show math involved


Problem: P that temperature is between -1.36 and 3.56 with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.

I'm stuck on this problem.

Suppose you are an appraiser for homes in a metropolitan area. Discuss two quantitative variables and two qualitative variables that would apply.

Problem 67

67. The following data show that trailing 52 week primary share earnings and books values as reported by 10 companies(the wall Street Journal, March 13/2000). Company -Earnings-Book Value Am Elec -25.21 -2.69 Columbia En -23.20 -3.01 Con Ed -25.19 -3.13 Duk

I am stuck on this problem

A seven year old study reported that women whose mothers used the drug DES during pregnancy were twice as likely to develop tissue abnormalities that might lead to cancer as women whose mothers did not take the the drug. a. This study involved the comparison of two populations. What were the populations? b. Do you suppose

Histograms and Measures of Central Tendency

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. A. 100 lengths of steel bar were measured and their lengths In centimetres (cm) are given in the table labelled Item 36 on your worksheet. i) Plot a histogram of the data provided. ii) Calculate forthe data: a) The arithmetic mean length. (Show all working). b

Sports Statistics: How Long Does A Ball Bounce?

A ball bounces 1/2 its height each bounce. It is dropped from a height of one foot. a) How many times does it bounce? b) How far does it bounce? c)How long does it bounce? Does it ever come to rest? (Please show work)

Sports Statistics Problem

How high will the fourth ball bounce if a stack of 4 balls is dropped from a height of 5 feet? Assume the usual perfectly resilient balls and large mass ratios.

Statistical Quality Control - Question2

The number of "near misses" recorded for the last 20 months at the Lima Intl Airport is 3,2,3,2,2,3,5,1,2,2,4,4,2,6,3,5,2,5,1, 3. Develop an appropriate control chart . Determine the mean number of misses per month and the limits on the number of misses per month. Show all your work/calculations . Are their any months where