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    Response types to classify findings

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    O Collect your data.
    o Present your data in one of the four appropriate general response types (rating, ranking, categorization, or sorting).
    o Classify your findings in order of power (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio). Do not discuss your analysis at this time.
    ? Include an Excel® workbook containing your data.

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    - What type of crop do you grow? This would be categorization, as we want to classify the type of crop

    - How long have you been farming? categorization

    - How large is your field? categorization

    - How much of your field did you plant? rating

    - How many different crops do you grow? categorization
    OR to get a ranking question:
    - Can you list in order of preference, which crop you prefer to grow most, second most...

    - How many pounds of seeds did you plant? ...

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    The solution examines the response types to classify findings.