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Descriptive statistics

The monthly average low temperatures* during different months of year at Denver, CO are given below:

January February March April May June
5 8 18 29 40 50

July August September October November December
55 53 44 32 24 12
Source: www.weather.com

Word-process your solution and answers below.

a) Find the mean yearly low temperature based on the monthly averages by applying the formulas (without using computer software).

a) Find the standard deviation of the monthly low temperatures by applying the formulas (without using computer software).

b) If the above data was a sample, what would be the sample standard deviation? Compute by applying the formulas (without using computer software).

c) Copy and paste the data from this document to Excel. Use functions in Excel to compute the mean, population standard deviation and sample standard deviation. Copy and paste your spreadsheet work into this Word document.

Create a histogram using MS Excel. Comment on the distribution of monthly low temperatures.


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