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Statistics: catagorical and numerical variables

1.22 The U.S. Census Bureau site,,contains survey information on people, business, geography, and other topics. Go to the site and click on Housing in the "People and Households" sections. Then click on American Housing Survey.

a. Briefly describe the American Housing Survey.

b. Give an example of a categorical variable found in this survey.

c. Give an example of a numerical variable found in this survey.

d. Is this Variable you selected in (c) discrete or continuous?

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The homepage for the American Housing Survey can be found at A description of it can be found at Specifically, the American Housing Survey goes to the same households over a long period of time to collect data on housing types, income, neighborhood quality, housing costs, and other data. National data (for about 55000 housing units) are collected every other year and Metropolitan area data (in 47 metropolitan ...

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The solution determines the categorical and numerical variables in the given problem.