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Descriptive Statistics

Making the Part of Accepting the Offer to Buy

Bunny Company produces a part that is used in the manufacture of one of its products. The costs associated with the production of 11,000 units of this part are as follows: Direct materials $25,000 Direct labor 34,000 Variable factory overhead

Descriptive and Probability Distribution: Insurance premiums

Provided an example of a research problem at any organization that would benefit from the use of either descriptive statistics or probability distribution statistics. How do insurance companies use descriptive statistics and probability distributions to project health and auto insurance premiums? In regards to age, why is there

Northeast Florida's crushed lime rock shipping requirements

Please show the solution using POM-QM software for Windows. Roads for your construction company currently have three construction jobs in Northeast Florida requiring crushed lime rock. Three pits are available to service the company's needs. The sources, destination, tonnage available and cost per tone of shipment are given

Market share by percentage growth rate

You are operating a business in a very competitive market. You are not yet the dominant player, but you have invested heavily in marketing and product development and it has paid off with a steady growth rate of 10%. You anticipate that this will continue into the foreseeable future and you are determined to improve your positio

Contingency Table for Two Rates and Two Categories

Let us consider the following data for two raters X and Y, two categories A and B and object 1 through 16 (n=16): (see attached file for data) (a) Construct the 2x2 contingency table for the two raters and two categories. (b) Find the point estimate of the agreement between the two raters. (c) Construct the 95% confide

Measures of Central Tendency

For my personal study guide. Refer to the enclosed chart which represents 10 days and the number of questions asked in the AM and PM on Day 1 through Day 10. Given the data answer the following: 1. Calculate and report the mean, median, and mode of the data. 2. Now calculate the standard deviation of the data. For t

Variation in final grades for an operations research course

The final grades given by two professors in introduction to operations research course have been carefully examined. The students in the first professor's class had a grade point average of 3.0 and a standard deviation of 0.2. Those in the second professor's class had grade points with an average of 3.0 and a standard deviatio

Descriptive statistics: Number of Coupons

The following data (X) represent the number of coupons used over a 6 month time period by a sample of 17 shoppers: 81, 68, 70, 100, 94, 47, 66, 70, 82, 110, 105, 60, 70, 66, 90, 78, 85 Use this sample of data to compute: the mean, the median, the mode, the range, the variance, the standard deviation, and the 90th percent

Prepare cost of goods manufactured; cost of goods sold

Messinger Manufacturing Company had the following account balances for the quarter ending March 31, unless otherwise noted: Work-in-process inventory (January 1) $ 140,400 Work-in-process inventory (March 31) $ 171,000 Finished goods inventory (January 1) 540,000 Finished goods inventory (March 31) 510,000 Direct

SPSS computations for Howell Data Set: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

See attached file. There is an attached Howell data set that is in SPSS. For each of the nine variables in the data set, compute all appropriate measures of central tendency and variability in SPSS, and generate syntax and output files. Also copy and past the SPSS syntax and output files into a word document as well as comput

Statistics Problems: Housing data for sales in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

See Data file attached. The file batonrougesufa10.xlsx contains data on houses sold in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in mid-2005. The dataset contains the following variables: Price: The price the house sold for Square Feet: The size of the house in square feet Beds: The number of bedrooms in the house Baths: The number of b

The Great Fish Taco Corp's breakeven point

The Great Fish taco Corporation currently has fixed operating costs of $11,000, sells its pre-made tacos for $5.60 per box, and incurs variable operating cost of $3.40 per box. If the firm has a potential investment that would simultaneously raise its fixed costs to $12,100 and allows it to charge a per-box sale price of $6.10 d

Parker Investment's Degree of Financial Leverage

Parker Investments has EBIT of $15,000, interest expense of $1,940 and preferred dividends of $2,738. If it pays taxes at a rate of 27%, what is Parker's degree of financial leverage (DFL) at a base level of EBIT of $15,000? Please see attached document.

Perkins Manufacturing: Calculate capital gains tax on sale of assets

Capital gains taxes: Perkins Manufacturing is considering the sale of two non-depreciable assets, X and Y. Asset X was purchased for $1,900 and will be sold today for $2,460. Asset Y was purchased for $40,000 and will be sold today for $49,600. The firm is subject to a 37% tax rate on capital gains. a. Calculate the amount o

Bally Gears: Marginal analysis and the goal of the firm

Marginal analysis and the goal of the firm: Ken Allen, capital budgeting analyst for Bally Gears, Inc., has been asked to evaluate a proposal. The manager of the automotive division believes that replacing the robotics used on the heavy truck gear line will produce total benefits of $551,000 (in today's dollars) over the next 5

Interest versus dividend expense

Interest versus dividend expense. Michael's Corporation expects earnings before interest and taxes to be $38,000 for this period. Assuming an ordinary tax rate of 40%, compute the firm's earnings after taxes and earnings available for common shareholders (earnings after taxes and preferred stock dividends, if any) under the foll

Cost of Common Stock Equity

Duke Energy has been paying dividends steadily for 20 years. During that time, dividends have grown at a compound annual rate of 6%. If Duke Energy's current stock price is $77 and the firm plans to pay a dividend of $7.00 next year, what is Duke's cost of common stock equity?

Decision Analysis

A manufacturer of designer jeans must decide whether to build a large factory or a small factory in a particular location. The profit per pair of jeans manufactured is estimated as $10. A small factory will incur an annual cost of $200,000, with a production capacity of 50,000 pairs of jeans per year. A large factory will incur

Median, Quartiles, Mean, and Standard Deviation

As of 2002, the top ten movies in terms of gross earnings were as follows (figures rounded to the nearest million dollars). Rank Movie Gross ($millions) 1 Titanic 1836 2 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 962 3 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 924 4 Jurassic Park 921 5 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the