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    Contingency Table for Two Rates and Two Categories

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    Let us consider the following data for two raters X and Y, two categories A and B and object 1 through 16 (n=16):
    (see attached file for data)

    (a) Construct the 2x2 contingency table for the two raters and two categories.
    (b) Find the point estimate of the agreement between the two raters.
    (c) Construct the 95% confidence interval for the agreement (use normal approximation.

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    Here I will answer your question, using the following website as my resource - see this website for formulas and an extra explanation: http://www.john-uebersax.com/stat/raw.htm

    a. Construct the 2x2 contingency table for the two raters and two categories:

    Rater X
    Category A Category B
    Rater Y Category A 7 1
    Category B 1 7

    b. Find ...

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    This solution helps construct a contingency table for two raters and two categories. It helps find the point estimate of the estimate between two raters and construct a confidence interval for the agreement.