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MCQs: Regression Analysis

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Based on the regression analysis performed:
1/ From the scatter plot of calls offered and t variable which is true.
a. an increase in t variable leads to an increase in calls offered.
d. there is a strong linear relationship between the two variables

2/ Calculate the correlation coefficient between calls offered and time variable. Which is true.
a. correlation coefficient is 11%
b. calls offered are independent of time variable
c. correlation coefficient is not significant at 5%
d. correlation coefficient is not significant at 10%
e. none of the above

3/ Using regression analysis which is important
a. size of slope coefficient
b. sign of slope coefficient
c. significance of regression slope coefficient
d. sign, size, and significance of regression slope

4/ Which of these statements is true.
a. regression model produces an unbiased estimate because residuals average to zero
b. average error produced by the regression model is 602 calls per day
c. average error produced by the regression model is about 20%
d. average error produced by the regression model is insignificant at 5%

5/ The residuals in the regression model are approximately normal distributed because.
a. residual excess kurtosis is about 3
b. skewness of residuals is less than 0
c. mean, median and mode of the residual are distinctly different.
d. residual plot display the typical bell shape distribution
c. skewness, excess kurtosis and measures of central tendency are all approx. zero.

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