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    Excel 2003 Multiple Choice

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    1. Which of the following enables you to calculate the input value required to yield a desired outcome result?
    a. Tools, Goal seek
    b. Insert, Goal seek
    c. Format, Goal seek
    d. Tools, Options, Goal seek
    e. Data, Goal seek
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    2. Which of the following belong in the Goal Seek dialog box?
    a. By changing cell
    b. To value
    c. Set cell
    d. both A and C are correct
    e. A, B, and C are all correct
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    3. Which program evaluates the most efficient solutions for problems with multiple input values?
    a. trial and error program
    b. the Solver add-in program
    c. random access selection program
    d. linear regression program
    e. VBA program
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    4. Which of the following is not a good application of the Solver add-in?
    a. maximize profits
    b. shift schedules for manufacturing
    c. economic order quantities
    d. minimize operating costs
    e. all of these are good applications
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    5. Which of the following are valid constraints for the Solver add-in program?
    a. C3>=42
    b. $D$5<=$B$1
    c. C6=F23
    d. both A and C are correct
    e. A, B, and C are all correct
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    6. Once you find an acceptable solution, Solver lets you create all of the following summary reports except:
    a. Answer
    b. Sensitivity
    c. Demo
    d. Limits
    e. all of these reports can be created
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    7. Which of the following is an advantage of using Scenario Manager?
    a. you can save multiple scenarios within a single workbook and then view and summarize their results at any time
    b. when you select a scenario for display in the Scenario Manager dialog box, Excel 2003 instantaneously updates the current worksheet with the stored input values and outcomes
    c. you can also generate a summary report that compares various scenarios
    d. A and C are definite advantages of using Scenario Manager
    e. A, B and C are all advantages of using Scenario Manager
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    8. Which of the following commands will add a new scenario?
    a. View, Scenario
    b. Data, Scenario
    c. Tools, Scenario
    d. File, Scenario
    e. Insert, Scenario
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    9. Which of the following functions uses a linear (straight-line) trend equation to predict future values based on existing or historical results?
    b. GROWTH
    c. RSQ
    d. TREND
    e. LINEAR
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    10. What is the name of the special add-in program provided by Excel 2003, which enables advanced data analysis tools for performing complex statistical and engineering calculations?
    a. Analysis ToolPak
    b. Analysis ToolPack
    c. Analysis Tools
    d. Analysis kit
    e. Complex Analysis Tool kit

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