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Descriptive Statistics

Quitmeyer Electronics Incorporated manufactures the following six microcomputer peripheral devices: internal modems, external modems, graphics circuit boards, CD drives, hard disk drivers, and memory expansion boards.

Quitmeyer Electronics Incorporated manufactures the following six microcomputer peripheral devices: internal modems, external modems, graphics circuit boards, CD drives, hard disk drivers, and memory expansion boards. Each of these technical products requires time, in minutes, on three types of electronic testing equipment, as s

Waiting Line Models and Simulation

Please help with the given problem: It seems that simulation could handle any situation or study. But is that always true? Discuss instances in which a simulation would be important and useful, and then a situation in which a simulation would not be appropriate. Finally, include a set of rules you would use to determine if

Percentage of complete full service oil changes

The length of time to do a complete full service oil change at Speedy-Lube is normally distributed with a mean of 15.8 minutes and a standard deviation of 2.2 minutes. What percentage of complete full service oil changes will take less than 10 minutes? If 1000 cars had a complete full service oil change, how many would you e

Difference in densities

Do you know if there is any differences in the densities of a product at certain temperatures. Here is the data that I received. Tell me if there is any difference. TEMPERATURES g/ml 17 degrees C 1.86 18 degrees C 1.88 19 degrees C 1.91 20 degrees C 1.85

Business Management - Data Analysis Planning

Can you tell me why is a data analysis plan important for good business research? What are descriptions of some of a plan's major components and what data analysis tools can be included. Also, what is the purpose of using descriptive statistics? What are some of the elements? How do they differ from inferential statistics?

Compute the mean teacher salary

60. Refer to the Schools data set in Appendix M, which refers to the 94 school districts in northwest Ohio. Divide the school districts into two groups. Include all schools with less than 2,000 students (small districts) in one group and those with 2,000 or more (large districts) in the other. a. Compute the mean teacher salar

Research and Statistics - Independent variable and dependent variable

When an experiment is conducted, one variable is manipulated to see the impact on another variable -- that's why experiments address causation. The variable that is controlled or manipulated is called the independent variable and the one that is impacted is called the dependent variable. An example from my text is how one

7 Question Assignment

Please see attached file for full problem description. 1. The number of homicides in 5 Canadian provinces for 1997 and 2001 are as follows 1997 2001 Province Homicides Population Homicides Population Nova Scotia 24 906,

Frequency Distribution, Mean and Standard Deviation

Please see attached file for full problem description. Use the data set collected in a) to do the following. 1. Group the data into at least 10 different classes and create a frequency distribution table for the data set, and graph the histogram of the data set; Make an educated guess about the mean, standard deviation, an

Optimization Modeling - Determine how Woodco can maximize its revenue.

Woodco manufactures tables and chairs. Each table and chair must be made entirely out of oak or entirely out of pine. A total of 150 board feet of oak and 210 board feet of pine are available. A table requires either 17 board feet of oak or 30 board feet of pine, and a chair requires either 5 board feet of oak or 13 board fee


1.Solve the Problem: Eight years ago, Cascade Water Bottling Company sold 8 billion cases of bottled water. Next year, the company expects to sell 14 billion cases. What is the rate of change during this period? (Assume a constant rate of change) A) ¾ billion per year B) 1 billion per year C) 1 ½ billion per year D)

How should you restructure you variable and fixed costs within your firm?

You are working on an analysis of your company's current cost structure reviewing the various fixed and variable costs within your firm. Your objective is to maximize your firm's profit. In reviewing your current sales you are confident that you will reach a sales level of 40,000 units. Your fixed costs are presently $400,000

Central Limit Theorem/Sampling Distribution

See Excel file to answer the following questions. A. Generate a random frequency distribution of per capita personal income B. From the frequency distribution, select two small samples (sample size of 4) and two large samples (sample size of 40), and compare the means and the standard deviations.

Estimating Risk and Association

Jone and associates carried out a study of sudden unexpected death in women. Data on smoking history are shown in the table: Controls Smoking 1+ Smoking <1 Pack/d

Estimating risk and Association

Of 2,872 persons who had received radiation treatment in childhood because of an enlarged thymus, cancer of the thyroid developed in 24 and a benign thyroid tumor developed in 52. A comparison group consisted of 5,055 children who had received no such treatment (brothers and sisters of the children who had received radiation tre

Confounding: Causal Inferences

Describe how individual matching, stratification, group matching and adjustment control confounding? The review questions included the answers, however the textbook does not do a great job in explaining how the above approaches control confounding. Thank you...


A section of output from The Management Scientist is shown here. Variable Lower Limit Current Value Upper Limit 1 60 100 120 What will happen to the solution if the objective function co

Mean and Standard Deviation

The claim has been made that the mean and the standard deviation are the most important measures of location and dispersion in statistics. Some commentators claim that these measures are more important than other measures such as median, mode or mean deviation. QUESTIONS: Why the emphasis on mean and standard deviation ra

XY Scattergraph using Microsoft Excel

I need an XY scatter graph using Microsoft Excel that has 30 for a maximum y axis and 4 for a maximum X axis. The numbers on the x-axis are offset with the numbers 0, 2, and 4 on the lines. The entire graph must have 36 individual cells. The graph needs to show all of the numbers 0-4, but only 0, 2, and 4 are directly on a li

Prevalence rate and incidence rate for Epidemology Practice Exercise

The exercise problem the following information to figure prevalence and incidence rate: Population of the city of Atlantis on March 30th, 2003 = 183,000. Number of new cases of tuberculosis occurring between january 1st and June 30th, 1003 = 26 Number of active TB cases according to the city register on June 30th, 2003 =

Statistics True or False

Part I. T/F & Multiple Choice Questions Questions 1- 5 Answer True or False. 1. The field of statistics can be roughly subdivided into two areas: descriptive statistics and probability. ______ 2. A company employs 950 individuals. To ascertain how the employees feel regarding a pension plan, 105 of the emplo

Probabilities for an iid sample

Suppose X1,X2,...,X120 is an iid sample taken from a population with mean (mu)=20 and standard deviation (sigma) = 10. a) Can you find P(X1 > 22)? If so find it, if not state reason. b) Find P(X(bar) > 22)

Capital in Transaction

1. What types of sources of capital can be used in a transaction? Pick a single source of capital and describe why/under what circumstance you would use this type source.

Calculating Reliability Figures

The U.S. Army is about to award a contract for an electrical switching device to Integrated Switches Corporation (ICS) of Phoenix, Arizona. The switch will be used on the next version of infantry carrier vehicles. One obstacle that remains to be resolved, However, is that the Army requires a reliability of 0.995 for the device

Frequency, variation and distrinbution

See attached file for full problem description. The per capita personal income by state (including the District Columbia), in thousands of dollars, follows. 1. Organize these data into a frequency distribution. 2. What is a "typical" per capita income for a state? 3. How much variation in the income data is there? 4. Is

Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

What are the main differences between descriptive and inferential statistics? Give examples of each. When would random sampling not be the best approach to sample selection? Give an example.

Within Sample Sum of Squares

SS within samples is a sum of squares representing the variation that is assumed to be common to all the populations being considered. Is this true? Explain

Test the claim that the samples come from populations with the same mean

1. Test the claim that the samples come from populations with the same mean. Assume that the populations are normally distributed with the same variance. Given the sample data below, test the claim that the populations have the same mean. Use a significance level of 0.05. Brand A Brand B Brand C n = 10 n = 10 n = 10 x-bar