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Descriptive Statistics

Creating and Completing a Minitab Database

Create a new Minitab database in which you will be able to enter the following variables: Subject identification (ID) number Age Sex Height Year in college Name each variable and identify the type as either numeric or alphanumeric (text). Categorical data (nominal or ordinal) should be entered as alphanumeric, and co

Mean Number of Candies in Bag

See the attached file. Use the M&Ms® data to complete this assignment. You will be using the methods of 7.4 for the color proportions and 7.2 for the mean number of candies per bag. For the Bonus you will be using the methods of 7.5. You can use StatCrunch to assist with the calculations. A link for StatCrunch can be f

A Discussion On Basic And Applied Research

What is the difference between 'basic' research and 'applied' research? Give example for each; try to link your examples to problems that you observe in an organization.

Some Calculations Using Five Number Summary

The five numbers summary below shows the grade distribution of two SAT 200 quizzes minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum Quiz 1.............12...............50.............60...................95...................100 Quiz 2..............20...............35............50

Statistics: Pearson Coefficient, Chi-Square Designs

Research Questions for Correlational and Chi-Square Designs What types of variables are measured using Pearson coefficient, and what types variables are measured with chi square; I am looking for names of variables (e.g., nominal, interval)?

Distribution of Temperatures - Descriptive and General Statistics

Problem 1: Using Symbols Word-process the symbol for population standard deviation (sigma) in the space below: Using Subscripts Word-process the symbol for population standard deviation with subscript x (sigma subscript x) in the space below: Using Equations Word-process the following five equations: k= N/n z= (

Descriptive Statistics and Normal Distribution

In order to control costs, a company wishes to study the amount of money its sales force spends entertaining clients. The following is a random sample of six entertainment expenses (dinner costs for four people) from expense reports submitted by members of the sales force. $157, $132, $109, $145, $125, $139 a) Calculate xbar,

Describing and Graphing Data Sets

TREPHENA HARDING SCOTT The letters in the above name represents the data set. From the given data set please answer the questions below. What is the type of your data? 1. What is the size of your data set? 2. Write your data in order from A to Z. For example, the student whose complete name is First Midd

Regression and ANOVA

1. Find the equation of the regression line for the given data. What is the predicted value of Y when X = -2? What is the predicted value of Y when X = 4? X -7 -2 5 1 -1 -2 0 2 3 -3 Y -12 -8 9 1 -5 -6 -1 4 7 -8 2. The data belo

A test to measure depression

CASE STUDY Dr. Zak developed a test to measure depression. He sampled 100 university students to take his five item test. The group of students was comprised of 30 men and 70 women. In this group, four persons were African American, six persons were Hispanic, and one person was Asian. Zak's Miraculous Test of Depression is pr

Biostatistics Problems

I am not sure what to do and these are very hard. Please help me as I can use this as an tutorial. Attached is also the data information 6.56 Obtain descriptive statistics and graphic displays for these salt-taste indices. Do the indices appear to be normally distributed? Why or why not? Compute the sample mean for this ind

Quantitative graphs

2003 MLB Salaries by Team TEAM TOTAL PAYROLL AVG SALARY MEDIAN STD DEV New York Yankees $ 152,749,814 $ 5,455,350 $ 4,575,000 $ 4,781,135 New York Mets $ 117,176,429 $ 4,040,566 $ 1,300,000 $ 4,893,080 Atlanta Braves $ 106,243,667 $ 3,934,950 $ 800,000 $ 5,063,167 Los Angeles Dodgers $ 105,872,620 $ 4,072,023 $ 2,605,83

Identifying IV and DV for SPSS Program

I'm to compute a One-Way ANOVA with one IV, a nominal variable that has 3 or more levels and one DV, a Likert style or Ratio variable. I'm having trouble identifing a nominal variable that has 3 levels and DV, a Likert style or Ratio variable. I'm to use a code book but they all look the same to me. Sample from codebo

Likert scales Development Methods

Rensis Likert was the first to develop a method for measuring attitudes. He created survey items which were statements or questions, followed by an indication of agreement or support i.e. 5) strongly agree 4) somewhat agree 3) no opinion 2) slightly disagree 1) strongly disagree. Surveys using Likert scales are a common form of

Minimum-cost assignment of workers

Four projects must be completed, and each of four employees will be assigned to work on exactly one of the four projects. The table below presents an estimate of the cost that each employee would incur if working on the respective projects. What is the minimum-cost assignment of workers to projects? Table is attached.

Frequency Distribution and Standard Deviation

1. A company had 80 employees whose salaries are summarized in the frequency distribution below. Find the standard deviation. Find the standard deviation of the data summarized in the given frequency distribution. Salary Number of Employees 5,001 -10,000 14 10,001 - 15,000 13 15,001

Z-Score Analysis: RCMAS

Z-Scores Using the appropriate descriptive statistics from your Week 2 final project assignment and assuming that the sample statistics you computed are exactly equivalent to the corresponding population parameters, identify: What score on the pre-treatment Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scales (RCMAS) would correspon

Population Means for Response Variables

The table below shows the values of the population means for a response variable at different treatments. Fill in the missing entries under the assumption that there is no interaction. Factors A = 1 A = 2 A = 3 B = 1 7 12 2 B = 2 7

Wholesales of Strawberries and Revenue Maximization

This season, a fruit wholesaler has 1000 lb of fresh strawberries for sale. Previous experience shows that demand is a function of the price it charges and is given by the following: Demand = 1000 - 150 * Price For instance, when the price is $1.00 per lb, the demand is equal to 1000 - 150*1 = 850 lb. Any left-over strawberr

Solving Statistics Questions

I am having a problem understanding these questions. I thought that maybe your assistance could help me understand this better. 1. In 1798, Henry Cavendish measured the density of the earth using an instrument called a torsion balance. While the density is obviously not uniform, the value of the mean density is important in d

Building a Frequency Distribution in Excel

Please help with the following statistics problems. For the following data: 15 25 13 10 9 17 13 15 20 5 1) Calculate the mean and standard deviation 2) Decide if it's a normal distribution 3) Build a frequency distribution

Least cost shipping schedule

Using WHAT'S BEST! or Solver answer the following: Determine the least cost shipping schedule where each of three (3) hardware vendors provide up to two hundred (200) units and each of six (6) buyers demand one hundred (100) units. The shipping costs (in dollars per unit) which are provided from Buyer 1 to Buyer 6 are as foll

Using Statistics to Create a Managerial Report

Scenario: Metropolitan Research, Inc., a computer research organization, conducts surveys designed to evaluate a wide variety of products and services available to consumers. In one particular study, Metropolitan Research Inc. looked at consumer satisfaction with the performance of automobiles produced by a major Detroit manufac

Creating a Descriptive Statistics Table and Narrative

Description: A study of very low birth weight (VLBW; < 1500g) infants admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) was conducted to examine relationships between infant characteristics, feeding status and outcomes. Infants were eligible for study if they had no congenital anomalies, were going to be cared for by their bio

Statistics Problem: Reserved Airline Seats

To help fill its seats for a particular flight, an airline offers a special nonrefundable fare of $200 for customers who make a reservation at least 21 days in advance and satisfy other restrictions. Thereafter, the fare will be $600. A total of 100 reservations will be accepted. The number of customers who have requested a rese

Nominal, Ordinal, Interval or Ratio?

Please help me indicate which scale these questions should be classified as being assessed on - nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio scale? 1. On a scale of one to seven, where one is extremely uninterested, and seven is very interested; what is your interest in this new idea? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2. Are these days durin

Calculating Variability and Percent

The box plots below show the real estate values of single values of single family homes in two neighboring cities, in thousands of dollars. Real estate values in neighboring communities Community Tiny town 60 85 110 Bi

The Statistics of Song-Playing

Please answer and show work! A random sample of a song playing times in seconds is as follows: 242, 231, 220, 213, 230, 293 1. Find the standard deviation 2. Are any of these playing times considered unusual? Does this differ with your intuition? Explain.

Statistics: Interpretation of ANOVA results

Hi, I am having a hard time with these questions. The questions are as follows, 1. Using the SPSS Output given below, interpret the data in the table for the within-subjects effect, the between-subjects effect, and the interaction. 2. Make sure to discuss the findings of the analysis in terms of what they actually mean in th