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Creating and Completing a Minitab Database

Create a new Minitab database in which you will be able to enter the following variables:

Subject identification (ID) number
Year in college
Name each variable and identify the type as either numeric or alphanumeric (text). Categorical data (nominal or ordinal) should be entered as alphanumeric, and continuous data (interval or ratio) should be entered as numeric.

Collect the following data from forty students who are currently undergraduates in college, making sure you have five males and five females in each year (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior):

Subject ID number (You will be required to provide this yourself. For example, subject 1 is 01; subject 2 is 02, and so forth. This should be identified as alphanumeric in your database since it is categorical.)
Height (convert to inches; 5 feet 3 inches = [12 * 5] + 3 = 63)
Year in college (freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior)
Enter the complete dataset into the Minitab worksheet.

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