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    Minitab Problem

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    Plotting the Binomial Probabilities using MINITAB

    1.) Create plots for the three binomial distributions above. Select Graph > Scatter Plot and Simple then for graph 1 set Y equal to 'one fourth' and X to 'success' by clicking on the variable name and using the "select" button below the list of variables. Do this two more times and for graph 2 set Y equal to 'one half' and X to 'success', and for graph 3 set Y equal to 'three fourths' and X to 'success'. Paste those three scatter plots .

    2.) Calculate descriptive statistics for the variable where students flipped a coin 10 times. Short Answer Writing Assignment: Both the calculated binomial probabilities and the descriptive statistics from the class database will be used to answer the following questions.


    Standard deviation:

    3.) List the probability value for each possibility in the binomial experiment that was calculated with the probability of a success being ½. (Complete sentence not necessary)

    P(x=0) P(x=6)
    P(x=1) P(x=7)
    P(x=2) P(x=8)
    P(x=3) P(x=9)
    P(x=4) P(x=10)

    4.) Give the probability for the following based on the MINITAB calculations with the probability of a success being ½. (Complete sentence not necessary)

    P(x?1) P(x<0)
    P(x>1) P(x?4)
    P(4<x ?7) P(x<4 or x?7)

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    Minitab Problem