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    Linear Regression Application Problem : Boston Marathon

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    This program calls for the use of a stats program called "minitab". If you want to use minitab but don't have it, you can get a 30 day download of it at


    If you want to use minitab, I've included the minitab datasheet/worksheet MARATHON.MTW.

    However, if you don't want to use minitab, I've included the data/worksheet two forms: an excel doc and word doc.

    Problem 4. Open the Minitab worksheet MARATHON.MTW which gives men's and women's winning times for the Boston Marathon over the years. Concentrate on the women's times.
    . Sketch a scatter plot of the data. Does it support the use of the simple linear regression model? Explain.
    . Find the slope and intercept of the least squares regression line.
    . Calculate a point estimate of the true average winning time when the year is the year in which you were born.
    . What proportion of the observed variation in the winning times can be attributed to the simple linear regression relationship between winning time and year? Explain.

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