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Case Problem Alumni Giving

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Alumni donations are an important source of revenue for colleges and universities. If administators could determine the factors that influence increases in the percentage of alumni who make a donation,they might be able to implement policies that could lead to increased revenues. Research shows that students who are more satisfied with their contact with teachers are more likely to graduate. As a result,one might suspect that smaller class sizes and lower student-faculty ratios might lead to a higher persentage of satisfied graduates,which in turn might lead to increases in the persentage of alumni who make a donation. Table 14.13 shows data for 48 national universities(america's Best Colleges,Year 2000 ed.). The column labeled % of Classes Under 20 shows the persentage of classes offered with fewer enrolled divided by the total number of faculty. Finally, the column labeled Alumni Giving Rate is the persentage of alumni that made a donation to the university.

Managerial Report
1-Develop numerical and graphical summaries of the data.
2-use regression analysis to develop an estimated regerssion equation that could be used to predict the alumni giving rate giving the percentage of classes with fewer than 20 students.
3-Use regression analysis to develop an estimated regression equation that could be used to predict the alumni giving rate given the student-faculty ratio.
4-Which of the two estimated regression equations provides the best fit?For this estimated regression equation,perform an analysis of the residuals and discuss your findings and conclusions.
5-What conclusions and recommendations can you derive from your analysis?

Please use the equations, excel results, and explanations of each quesion is required on this case. I also need introduction that explans what will we do in this problem.

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This solution provides complete calculations in the attached Excel file and provides graphs and analysis also included in a Word document in a 1400-word report on alumni giving.

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