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    Moving Data on an Excel Sheet

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    Need Excel tutorial for this one more than help with the calculations (see attachment).

    2 data sets of random numbers of 10000 entries each are generated using the random number generator in the excel data analysis pack. Lets say these data are normally distributed and have different means and they are on two different work sheets (sheet 4, (100,15) and sheet 5 (160,15)

    Question 1: what is the most efficient way to move sheet 4 data to sheet 5 such that there are 20000data points in one list...please use split screens and keyboard short cuts

    Question 2: once that is done compute the average and standard deviation of this list (20000 data points).

    Question 3: using a scatter plot and line plots how would I plot all the data points, the average and the standard deviation on one graph?

    There is, I am sure, an efficient way to do this but I am stymied.

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