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    Correlation and Regression Analysis

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    Beta Value & Regression Analysis

    I need help with problems 13.49 and 13.79. They are attached here. Thank you in advance!! 13.49 The volatility of a stock is often measured by its beta value. You can estimate the beta value of a stock by developing a simple linear regression model, using the per- centage weekly change in the stock as the dependent vari

    Multiple Regression and T- Test

    (see attached for full description) Multiple Linear Regression A Brightwater car dealership, which serves the city of Brightwater and its surrounding communities, was taken over about four years ago by a group of investors led by Jake Rogers. Jake had previously studied marketing and economics at Brightwater University.

    Multiple Regression Equation Development in SPSS

    Develop a hypothetical multiple regression (prediction) equation to predict something in your area of professional or personal interest. a. First, identify the dependent (criterion) variable that you are interested in predicting. What variable do you plan to predict? Next, choose two variables (called independent) that you wi

    Simple Linear Regression, Correlation and Multiple Regression

    From your textbook, Statistics for Management and Economics, complete the following exercises: Exercise 16.1 The term regression was originally used in 1885 by Sir Francis Galton in his analysis of the relationship between the heights of children and parents. He formulated the "law of universal regression," which specifies

    Performing regression analysis

    In my statistics class, we reviewed simple and multiple linear regression analysis and prediction. We learned that linear regression analyses are exciting, flexible, and powerful methods of data analysis that can also function as theoretical frameworks for many clinical decisions. Regression analysis works best when variables

    Regression Analysis: Stats Grade

    Correlation and Regression Analysis of students when it is best to determine "appropriate" variables and to make calculations. This means that you will have to determine which variable(s) you feel are best and why and answer each of six questions 100% as well as present appropriate statistical graphs or charts. Please see attach

    A hypothetical multiple regression (prediction)

    Making Predictions Using Regression Develop a hypothetical multiple regression (prediction) equation to predict something in your area of professional or personal interest. Please complete the following: a. Identify the Variables: First you should identify the dependent (criterion) variable that you are interested in predi

    Solving and analyzing simple regression question

    A local tire dealer wants to predict the number of tires sold each month. He believes that the number of tires sold is a linear function of the amount of money invested in advertising. He randomly selects 6 months of data consisting of tire sales (in hundreds of tires) and advertising expenditures (in thousands of dollars). Base

    Regression Analysis: Shoe Size & Weight

    a) Construct a scatter plot for these data b) Using alpha = 0.10, test for the significance of the regression slope c) Construct a 90% confidence interval for the population slope. Shoe Size / Weight 7.5 / 7.2 8.0 / 7.8 9.0 / 8.0 8.5 /

    Polynomials, Dummy Variables, and Joint F tests

    I need some help following the instructions and creating a log file using Stata. Please download the do-file for this assignment Please submit: a) A printed Stata smcl (log) file documenting that you've completed each of the operations directed below and showing results. (NB: Be sure to run only your corrected Do file so

    Logical Regression Questions

    I need some help in basic regression questions about economics of education, the questions are based on a table enclosed in the attached file: a. In words, carefully explain and interpret the coefficient estimate for the treatment effect in Table 3, column 4. [2 points] b. Table 3 reports standard errors for the coeff

    Sleepy Model and Snoozy Model: Regression

    See the attached file. There are two prescription insomnia drugs in development. Below is the market research data. The most likely scenario for Product Sleepy is: Efficacy = 3, Safety = 4, Price = 2, Convenience = 4. The most likely scenario for Product Snoozy is: Efficacy = 5, Safety = 2, Price = 3,

    Discussion on Causation, Correlation and Regression

    I need some help in conceptualizing basic statistic concepts: (1)Briefly defines correlation and regression. (2) Compares (similarities) and contrasts (differences) regression and correlation. This is far different than the definitions required in (1) above. While definitions are important, they do not describe the similariti

    Confidence Interval III

    A chain of launderettes is investigating the lifetime of the washing machines that they use, measured in the number of washes completed before they need repairing. There are a number of machines used throughout their branches that have been installed at different times with each one having the number of completed washes recorded

    Confidence interval calculation

    A car manufacturer has redesigned the anti-theft device on one of its models to increase the time that it takes for a professional car thief to be able to steal the car. To determine the length of time that it takes it employs 30 reformed criminals to see how long it takes to steal the car. The sample has a mean time of 6 minute

    Random Sample of Probationer's

    This is the exact same question as I previously submitted; I believe I did not submit correct data for the question. (Random Sample of probationers data) I also attached previous work in case you need data. Thank you 5. You hypothesize that in a random sample of probationers, there is a relationship between a probationer's G

    Correlation, Regression, and Comparing Means

    Using the data set: Chamorro-Premuzic.sav; you will focus on the variables related to Extroversion and Agreeableness (student and lecturer) 1. Exploratory Data Analysis. a. Perform Exploratory Data Analysis on all variables in the data set. Because you are going to focus on Extroversion and Agreeableness, be sure to includ

    Regression and Correlation

    Examine relationship between GNP per capita and the percentage of respondents willing to pay more taxes. a. Create a table using the data below for the GNP per capita and the percentage willing to pay higher taxes. b. From the table that you created in (a), calculate a and b and write out the regression equation (i.e., predi

    Methods of decretive statistics to summarize data

    CASE 2- ALUMNI GIVING Alumni donations are an important source of revenue for colleges and universities. If administrators could determine the factors that could lead to increases in the percentage of alumni who make a donation, they might be able to implement policies that could lead to increased revenues. Research shows ha

    Higher R-Square Value Prediction Intervals

    QUESTION 1 1. A recent study by a major financial investment company was interested in determining whether the annual percentage change in stock price for companies is linearly related to the annual percent change in profits for the company. The following data was determined for 7 randomly selected companies: %change stock

    Statistical Concepts of ANOVA, Samples, Chi-square, and Regression Equation

    I need help answering these questions: e. Why is the F-distribution important? How do you determine if a significant difference exists among the groups in ANOVA? How do you determine differences between the groups in ANOVA? Provide an ANOVA example using either a personal or professional experience. f. What is an independen

    Policy Memo on City of Kelsey

    Need a policy memo that includes the following: (documents attached) - Use a correlation analysis to explain and a regression analysis to forecast the three major sources of Kelsey's tax revenue for the upcoming year. - Use the city's historical data on population as the independent variable and its major tax revenue receipts

    Monte Carlo Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis

    A decision maker is working on a problem that requires her to study the uncertainty surrounding the payoff of an investment. There are three possible levels of payoff -$1,000, $5,000, and $10,000. As a rough approximation, the decision maker believes that each possible payoff is equally likely. But she is not fully comfortable w

    Relationship between seniority and days absent per year

    15. A study is being made of the relationship between seniority, i.e., years of service with the company, and the number of workdays absent per year. The following table shows the relevant data for seven randomly selected employees. Years Employed (X) Days Absent Last Year (Y) 7 2 8

    Regression Equations for Independent Variables

    3. A regression equation uses three independent variables to predict Y. The coefficient of determination for regressing X_1 on variables X_2 and X_3 is .95. The coefficient of determination for regressing X_2 on variables X_1 and X_3 is .85. a. What is the VIF for X_1? b. What is the VIF for X_2? c. Would you say multicollin

    Variables of interest to healthcare managers

    Identify 5 variables of interest to healthcare managers. Select and define one variable and include your rationale for selecting this variable. What is the difference between a dependent and independent variable? Identify the population of interest. Describe the procedure for selecting the sample of the population.

    Managing the Springville Herald

    See the attached file. Managing the Springville Herald To ensure that as may trial subscriptions as possible are converted to regular subscriptions, the Herald marketing department works closely with the distribution department to accomplish a smooth initial delivery process for the trial subscription customers. To assist in

    Converting a Monthly Trend into an Annual Trend

    Suppose we have run a regression on 48 months of data and the regression equation is Y = 50000 + 1000*x (where x is the month number). What is the annual trend? Play with some numbers to convince yourself of your answer. Would this be 12000, why or why not? Please help!

    The relationship between two variables: Example problem

    Calculate, test, and interpret the relationship between two variables using the correlation coefficient. The following sample observations were randomly selected. X: 5 4 4 5 11 Y: 5 7 4 6 8 Picture Click here for the Excel Data File a. Determine the regression equation. (Round your answers to 3 decimal pl

    Modelling and Drawing Equations from Data

    The data in DJIA.xls (ExcelDataFiles) represents the closing value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over the 29-year period from 1979 to 2007. Year | Coded Year | DJIA 1979 | 0 | 838.7 1980 | 1 | 964.0 1981 | 2 | 875.0 1982 | 3 | 1046.5 1983 | 4 | 1258.6 1984 | 5 | 1211.6 1985 | 6 | 1546.7 1986 | 7 | 1896.0