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    Multiple Regression Equation Development in SPSS

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    Develop a hypothetical multiple regression (prediction) equation to predict something in your area of professional or personal interest.

    a. First, identify the dependent (criterion) variable that you are interested in predicting. What variable do you plan to predict? Next, choose two variables (called independent) that you will use to predict your chosen dependent criterion variable.

    b. Make-up at least 10 values for y, x1, and x2.

    c. Calculate two correlation coefficients in SPSS.

    d. Using your dependent criterion variable as "y," and your predictor independent variables as x1and x2, use SPSS to create the multiple regression prediction equation based on your table of 10 (or more) values for y, x1, and x2.

    e. Use values for x1 and x2 to predict y using the equation you created in Step D.

    Complete detailed instructions attached.

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