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    Variables of interest to healthcare managers

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    Identify 5 variables of interest to healthcare managers.

    Select and define one variable and include your rationale for selecting this variable. What is the difference between a dependent and independent variable?

    Identify the population of interest.

    Describe the procedure for selecting the sample of the population.

    Identify how you plan to collect the data.

    Identify if the data is qualitative or quantitative and the scale of measurement you intend to use.

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    I am happy to assist you with this problem. I will give you some ideas and ask you to apply them to your answer. Let's talk about some variables that managers in a hospital might want to measure. I'll go with length of stay (LOS), admission rate, 30-day mortality rate, readmission rate, and charges.

    LOS is a really important variable as it measures the total time a patient is in the care of the hospital. Managers often use this as a gauge for how well the hospital is moving the patient through the system of care and back into ...

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    The variables of interest to healthcare managers are determined. The expert describes the procedures for selecting the sample of the populations.