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    Correlation and Regression Analysis

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    7. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Standard & Poor's 500 (S&P) indexes are both used as measures of overall movement in the stock market. The DJIA is based on the price movements of 30 large companies; the S&P 500 is an index composed of 500 stocks. Some say the S&P 500 is a better measure of stock market perfo

    Biostatistics Problem to Reject or Accept Hypothesis

    I have attached a long regression problem that I completed most of. I'd like you to tell me what I did wrong including incorrect calculations. Comments and hints would be also be greatly appreciated as I am just learning this. I know this is a long problem so Im offering 12 credits. Thanks. I have attached the problem as it

    Linear trend Eq

    See attched data: Plot the data, determine the least squares trend equation, and use the trend equation to calculate the points for 97 and 99. Plot them on a grpah and draw the regression line. Estimate net sales for 2003. How much have sales gone up or down per yr. on average during th period.

    Regression Equations for First Variable Independance

    Find regression equation letting first variable be the independent (x) variable. Find the predicted values using the prediction procedure. Bear Chest sizes and Weights x Chest (in.) 26, 45, 54, 49, 41, 49, 44, 19 y Weight (lb) 90, 344, 416, 348, 262, 360, 332, 34 Find the best predicted weight of a bear with a chest size of

    Linear Programming 4311-19,20

    Subject: Linear Programming Details: The programs that can be used are Excel Slover, Data analyis, spreed sheets, linear Programming and PERT/CPM models. = 19. A company that makes garments is unionized. Each full time employee works 40 hours per week,earns $13 per hour, and the union contract says that the number of full

    Binominal Distribution Occurrence

    Details: 1 in 60,000 occurence for accident 1 in 35 occurence for accident accident happened on 25th try -compare probabilities of one accident in 25 times using binominal distribution

    Determine the least squares trend equation

    The following table (file attached) gives the annual amount of scrap produced by Machine Products, Inc. Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2003.

    Determine the standard error of estimate

    The following regression equation was computed from a sample of 20 observations: Y'= 15 - 5X SSE was found to be 100 and SS total 400. a. Determine the standard error of estimate. b. Determine the coefficient of determination. c. Determine the coefficient of correlation. (Caution: Watch the sign!)

    Description of Scatter Diagram

    Given the following data, create a scatter diagram (using Excel), click on the points as demonstrated in the Excel workbook, and have Excel place the regression equation and coefficient of correlation on the graph for you. Interpret the results (in English). Years of Education Annual Income (000's) 6

    repeated independent trials

    If there are repeated independent trials and there are only two outcomes, what distribution should be used? a. binomial distribution b. multinomial distribution c. Poisson distribution d. hypergeometric distribution

    Word Problem: Coca Cola Share Prices

    Listed below is the selling price for a share of Coca Cola, at the close of the year. Year Price Year Price Year Price 1990 12.9135 1994 18.3160 1998 40.6111 1991 16.8250 1995 27.7538 1999 35.0230 1992 20.6125 1996 29.0581 2000 49.5625 1993 20.3024 1997 36.0155 1. Plot the data.

    Model Transformation Multiple Regression

    What method has been used to transform Model 1 to Model 2? Equations for Model 1 and Model 2 are as follows: Model 1 Ct = 26.19 + 0.6428GNPt - 0.4398Dt + et Model 2 Ct /GNPt = 25.92(1/GNPt)- 0.4598(Dt/GNPt)+ et C represents Consumption expenditures GNP represents Gross National Product D represents defense spen