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    Correlation and Regression Analysis

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    Profit Maximising Linear Programming Tutorial

    Consider a problem where we two products: Product A (cloth bags) and product B (leather bags). Each unit of Product A that is sold produces $30 in profit and each unit of Product B that is sold produces $50 in profit. There are three resources involved (cloth, leather, and labor), and different quantities are required for each

    Predicting the Number of Orders Based on the Weight of the Mail

    The Data of Mail.XLS Weight Orders 216 6.1 283 9.1 237 7.2 203 7.5 259 6.9 374 11.5 342 10.3 301 9.5 365 9.2 384 10.6 404 12.5 426 12.9 482 14.5 432 13.6 409 12.8 553 16.5 572 17.1 506 15 528 16.2 501 15.8 628 19 677 19.4 602 19.1 630 18 652 20.2 The operations manager of a large mail-order house bel

    Auto Industry Research Project Examples

    I have to construct a paper with this criteria: as preparation for the final research paper, formulate a theory about the correlation between measurable independent variables (causes) and one measurable dependent variable (the effect). Be sure to have at least two independent variables for proposed research paper. How do I be

    Determining Sales

    Table: Sales Space 1.6 5 2.2 5 1.4 5 1.9 10 2.4 10 2.6 10 2.3 15 2.7 15 2.8 15 2.6 20 2.9 20 3.1 20 1. Find the y-intercept of the regression equation. a) 0.074 b) 7.4 c) 1.45 2. In the above problem, if the square fo

    Statistics: Predicted Value of Cricket Chirps

    Find the best predicted temperature (in degree F) at a time when a cricket chirps 3000 times in one minute. What is wrong with this predicted value? Chirps in 1 minute: 882, 1188, 1104, 864, 1200, 1032, 960, 900 Temperature (degree F) 69.7, 93.3, 84.3, 76.3, 88.6, 82.6, 71.6, 79.6

    Developing a Trend Line

    Develop a trend line for the demand for fertilizer using computer software. Data collected on the yearly demand for 50 pound bags of fertilizer at Wallace Garden Supply are shown in the following table: Year Demand for fertilizer (1000s of bags) 1 4 2 6 3 4 4 5 5 10 6 8 7 7 8 9 9 12 10 14 11 15.

    Data Points Table

    See the attached file. The data table below tabulates a pizza parlor's advertising expenditures and sales for 8 consecutive quarters. The marketing manager wants to know how much of an impact current advertising will have on sales two quarters from now. When running a regression with the dependent variable "sales" and the

    change in the dependent variable

    In a multiple regression model y' = -3 + 5x1 + 3x2 + 5x3 + 4x4, if the value of x2 increases by 4 and the value of x3 decreases by 2, and the other two variables do not change, then the predicted value for y will change by how much?

    Stats/Linear Programming Question.

    The south fork Feed Company makes a feed mix from four ingredients--oaks, corn, soybean, and vitamin supplement. The company has 300 pounds of oats, 400 pounds of corn, 200 pounds of soybeans, and 100 pounds of vitamin supplements available for the mix. The company has the following requirments for the mix: -At least 30% of t

    average number of customers waiting

    Customers enter the waiting line at a cafeteria on a first-come, first-served basis. The arrival rate follows a Poisson distribution, while service times follow an exponential distribution. If the average number of arrivals is four per minute and the average service rate of a single server is seven per minute, what is the averag

    Multivariate Analysis with SAS

    Using data in Table 6.17, first run a canonical discriminant analysis. If you are using SAS, you can either use proc discrim or proc candisc. Foe either one (e.g. candisc), specify the following in the pro statement. See attachments for remaining question.

    Predict the final grade

    not sure how to figure out the last part predict the final grade of the student, if I could get a formula that would help 8. You are given the following data. Number of Absences Final Grade 0 95 1 91 2 82 3

    Sandford Tile Case Study: Linear Optimization Problem

    Sandford Tile company makes ceramic and porcelain tile for residentail and commercial use. They produce three different grades of tile for walls, residential flooring, and commercial flooring each of which requires different amounts of materials and production time and generates different contribution to profit. The spreadsheet

    Values for Diastolic and Systolic Blood Pressure

    Below are the values for diastolic and systolic blood pressure for 10 people: Diastolic: 90 80 90 78 76 78 80 70 76 74 Systolic: 130 126 140 118 114 112 120 110 114 116 Using Excel, construct a scatterplot that shows the relationship between the two variables. Copy

    5 Probs Multi Choice- Stats- Need Help to Validate My Answers

    Open the Cons Trans 59 - 00.xls file. Use the BEA consumption and transfers data to investigate whether heteroscedasticity or autocorrelation is present in the model using the graphical approach (consumption as the dependent variable). Which answer best represents the degree of autocorrelation in the model? Using EXCEL or PHStat

    Pearson Chi test

    Understanding the results of the chi test calculations is where I am stuck. It is taking longer for statistics too sink in, and I am glad that you understand my dilemma. Thanks,

    Overgeneralization and basic statistics

    Please help with the following problem. Consider the following quote: "Without good measurement, statistical analysis is worthless." Do you believe it is an overgeneralization, or do you think it is accurate as written? Provide examples to clarify and support your position.

    Prob and Stats Question

    Your consulting company was hired by a sports league office to build a model that related attendance over a season for their teams to all the various factors that affect attendance. They wanted to use this model to evaluate expansion opportunities, to see whether the cities being proposed were likely to support good attendance.

    Analyzing Revenue: Scatter Diagram, Variation in Revenue

    ** Please see the attachment for the complete problem description ** A suburban hotel derives its gross income from its hotel and restaurant operations. The owners are interested in the relationship between the number of rooms occupied on a nightly basis and the revenue per day in the restaurant. Below is a sample of 25 days

    Manufacturer level of significance, least squares regression line

    Please choose the correct answer and write briefly why: A manufacturer of a chemical used in glue, attempting to control the amount of a hazardous chemical its workers are exposed to, has given instructions to halt production if the mean amount in the air exceeds 3.0ppm. It is believed that the standard deviation is 0.5. ppm

    Marketing Decision Variables and the Model

    Four key marketing decision variables are price (P), advertising (A), transportation (T), and product quality (Q). Consumer demand (D) is influenced by these variables. The simplest model for describing demand is n terms of these variables is: D = k â?" pP +aA + tT +qQ Where k, p, a, t, and q are constants. Discuss the

    Threats to Internal and external study design

    I don't understand what internal and external threats are and could you provide some examples of what would be considered a threat to internal and/or external validity of a study design.

    Determining Independent and Dependent Variables

    Research wireless cell phone using systematic sampling for its simplicity: Any individuals of any age who is a customer with a data plan under various cellular phone carriers will be randomly selected from the lists acquired from these cell phone carriers. The population to be analyzed is 2,000 cell phone users, and a sample of

    Business Statistics: New Product Expansion

    WidgeCorp is considering branching out into hot beverages. You have been asked to come up with a regression model to forecast monthly sales of hot beverages for the next year. Think about what variables you might include in your model. Your manager asks for your thoughts. Respond to anybody who asks you to explain your va

    QuantMethods Productions Operations Management Software

    Please reference the attachment and respond to questions 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 on page 137, questions 1, 2, & 3 on page 269, and question 10 on page 271. For your convenience, the assigned questions are circled. Questions involve cost of quality, shape and position, minimum total cost, scatter diagram, electronic components, and con

    Plant Equipment Corporation: Linear Programming solution

    Plant Equipment Corporation (PEC) manufactures two large industrial machines--a metal compactor and a drill press. Next month PEC will convert its production facilities to produce new machine designs and will cease producing the current models. PEC must determine its production schedule for this month, however, PEC could sel

    Estimated productivity for a score of 15 will be?

    If the regresion line between x (score on manual dexterity) and y (units produced per hour) is, ? = 19.2 + 3.0x, then the estimated productivity for a score of 15 will be: 1.) 64.2 2.) 15.0 3.) 45.0 4.) 19.2 5.) 3.0

    The equation of the least-squares regression

    Consider the following data values of variables x and y X - 4 2 6 4 3 y - 5 3 7 6 5 The equation of the least-squares regression line for this data is 1.) ? = 1.659 + 0.932x 2.) ? = 0.1726 + 1.323x 3.) ? = 7.248 - 0.539x 4.) ? = -1.046 + 0.932x 5.) ? = 0.932 + 1.659x

    Linear Programming model to maximize daily profit

    1. A chocolate store has contracted to operate a small candy counter in a fashionable store. To start with, the selection of offering will be intentionally limited. The counter will offer a regular mix candy that is equal parts of cashews, caramels, and chocolates, and a deluxe mix that is one-half cashews and one-half chocolate