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Linear Programming Question by Solver.

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The south fork Feed Company makes a feed mix from four ingredients--oaks, corn, soybean, and vitamin supplement. The company has 300 pounds of oats, 400 pounds of corn, 200 pounds of soybeans, and 100 pounds of vitamin supplements available for the mix. The company has the following requirments for the mix:

-At least 30% of the mix must be soybeans.
-At least 20% of the mix must be the vitamin supplement
-The ratio of corn to oats cannot exceet 2 to 1
-The amount of oats cannot exceed the amount of soybeans
-The mix must be at least 500 pounds

A pound of oats cost $0.50; a pound of corn, $1.20; a pound of soybeans, $060; and a pound of vitamin supplement, $2.00. The feed company wants to know the number of pounds of each ingredient to put in the order to minumize cost.
a.Formulate a linear programming model for this problem.
b. Solve the model by using the computer.

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The Weinberger Electronics Corporation manufactures four highly technical products that it supplies to aerospace firms that hold NASA contracts. Each of the products must pass through the following departments before they are shipped: wiring, drilling, assembly, and inspection. The time requirement in hours for each unit produced and its corresponding profit value are summarized in the following table:

XJ201 0.6 0.2 0.5 0.7 12
XM897 0.7 1.2 4.6 1.2 15
TR29 1.6 2.7 1.2 0.5 18
BR788 1.2 3.6 2.4 0.8 11

The production available in each department each month and the minimum monthly production requirement to fulfill contracts are as follows:


Wiring 20,000 XJ201 240
Drilling 20,800 XM897 ¬ 350
Assembly 28,650 TR29 420
Inspection 19,000 BR788 540

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