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Linear Programming Formulation Problem

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The demands of circuit boards in 4 warehouses have to be met from 3 production plants. Each plant has their own capacity and production cost per unit, each warehouse has their own demand and the transportation cost is different from different plants to different warehouses. Each circuit board is sold at the same unit price regardless of where they are made and where they are stored.

Formulate a linear programming problem stating all the variables and constraints to maximize the profit. Then show how to set the problem up in Excel Solver, showing the process step by step. Finally, solve the problem in Excel Solver and give the value of the objective function and the decision variables.

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This solution shows how to formulate a linear programming problem, including an explanation of how to set up the problem in Excel and how to solve the problem to find the values of objective function and decision variables.

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In the following solution, I have formulated the LP problem stating all the decision ...

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