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    Correlation and Regression Analysis

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    The Amount Spent in Vending Machines in the United States

    The amounts spent in vending machines in the United States, in billions of dollars, for the years 1999 through 2003 are given below. Determine the least squares trend equation, and estimate vending sales for 2005. Year Code Vending Machine Sales ($ billions) 1999 1 17.5 2000 2 19.0 2

    Determine Least Squares Equation

    Listed below is the net sales in $ million for Home Depot, Inc. and its subsidiaries from 1993 to 2002. YEAR NET SALES 1997 6,714 1998 7,991 1999 9,075 2000 9,775

    Modeling of online purchase of piggybank

    DETAILS: Prepare an analysis (NOT in the ppt format) for Piggybank that compares the two incentive options: A. cash back when the consumer makes an online purchase, and B. cash back when the consumer makes a purchase at a clothing store. See the attached pdf file and use the statistical information data from 2004 2nd quar

    Density Functions Equations

    (See attached file for full problem description with proper equations) Given , x > 0, y > 0, find (a) the marginal density functions, (b) the conditional density functions, (c) the curve of regression of Y on X.

    Interpreting Estimated Model Coefficients

    Please assist in answering the following questions and see attachment**** 1. Interpret the estimated model coefficient b1 2. Interpret the estimated model coefficient b2.

    Managerial Interpretation of the Estimated Slope

    A local tire dealer wants to predict the number of tires sold each month. He believes that the number of tires sold is a linear function of the amount of money invested in advertising. He randomly selects 6 months of data consisting of tire sales (in thousands of tires) and advertising expenditures (in thousands of dollars). The

    Statistics - Quantative

    The transportation method is a linear programming technique where linearity can be found in the following way: a. the cost of goods shipped from any source to any destination is a linear function of quantity shipped b. the total cost associated with a given plan is a linear function of shipping costs c. cell evaluations assum


    1. In a linear programming problem, a valid objective function can be represented as a. Max Z = 5xy b. Max Z 5x2 + 2y2 c. Max 3x + 3y + 1/3z d. Min (x1 + x2) / x3 2. A plant manager is attempting to determine the production schedule of various products to maximize profit. Assume that a machine hour constraint is binding

    Determining a least squares equation

    Listed below is the net sales in $ million for Home Depot, Inc. and its subsidiaries from 1993 to 2002. Year Net Sales 1993 9,239 1994 12,447 1995 15,470 1996 19,535 1997 24,156 1998 30,219 1999 38,434 2000 45,738 2001 53,553 2002 58,247 Determine the least squares equation. On the basis of this information

    Observations and Randomly Selection

    The following sample observations were randomly selected. X: 5 36 3 4 468 Y: 13 157 12 13 1195 Determine the coefficient of correlation and the coefficient of determination. Interpret the association between X andY.

    Sample Statistics and Coefficients Problems

    Suppose that you are interested in examining the determinants of the use of plea bargaining by state prosecutors. During a one-month period, you record for each state in the US (1) the number plea bargains per 1,000 cases (y), (2) the average number of cases per prosecutor (x1), and (3) the average number of empty beds in the st

    Examples of variables related to dollar sales

    One of the most common uses of C and R is in the marketing department. Specifically, it is used to do alot of sales forecasting. In the business world, sales is sales of products or services and in health care, sales would probably be considered patient services. A more common independent variable often used is Advertising

    Example of Seasonal Fluctuations

    Choose a product you are familiar with as a consumer. Answer the following. 1) What type of demand patterns would that product have - cyclical, secular, seasonal, etc. or a combination of several types? Explain. 2) What type of forecasting would you think is better for that product - time series or regression, and why?

    Least Square Trend Equation

    Determine the least squares equation. According to this information, what are the estimated sales for 2005? Listed below is the net sales in $ million for Home Depot, Inc. and its subsidiaries from 1993 to 2002. Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2005. Year Net Sales


    Bi-lo Appliance Stores has outlets in several large metropolitan areas in New England. The general sales manager plans to air a commercial for a digital camera on selected local TV stations prior to a sale starting on Saturday and ending Sunday. She plans to get the information for Saturday-Sunday digital camera sales at the var

    Lagged Values

    Laura wanted to build a multiple regression model based on advertising expenditures and coffee times price index. Based on the selection of all normal values she obtained the following: 1. Multiple R = 0.738 2. R-square=0.546 By using lagged values, she came up with the following: 1. Multiple R=0.755 2. R-square=0.

    The Personal Consumption Expenditures for Telephones

    The personal consumption expenditures for telephone, in billions of dollars, in the United States for the year 1996 to 2001 are given below. Determine the least squares equation, and estimate the expenditure for 2004. Year Code Expenditure ($billions) 1996 1

    The National Highway Association

    The National Highway Association is studying the relationship between the number of bidders on a highway project and the winning (lowest) bid on a project... (See attached file for full problem description)

    Mutual Bond Funds and Investment

    We are studying mutual bond funds for the purpose of investing several funds. For this particular study, we want to focus on the assets of a fund and its five-year performance. The question is: Can the five-year rate of return be estimated based on the assets of the fund? Nine mutual funds were selected at random, and their asse

    Linear Programming for Judicial Problem

    TABLE: Hours for judicial Problem Jan 400 July 200 Feb 300 Aug 400 Mar 200 Sept 300 April 600 Oct 200 May 800 Nov 100 June 300 Dec 300 Suppose each judge works all 12 months and can handle up to 120 hours per month of casework. To avoid a backlog, all cases must be handled by the end of December. Determine

    Determine the Least Squares Trend Equation and Seasonal Index

    3. The following table gives the annual amount of scrap produced by Machine Products, Inc. (See attachment for chart) Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2003. 4. Victor Anderson, the owner of Anderson Belts, Inc., is studying absenteeism among his employees. His workfo

    Relationship between political attitudes and income

    A researcher studies the relationship between political attitudes and income. He/she finds that those with higher income are more conservative. The most likely confounding variate is _______ income, age, weight, health status I believe income is the only correct answer - please advsie answer & why - thanks!

    Multiple Regression

    1. Using the database: a. develop a Multiple Regression model with the dependent variable being the Overall Job Satisfaction. Use gender, age, department, position and tenure with company as the independent variables. Comment on your analysis (Rsq, Rsq adj, ect.). You are to provide not only the output of the regression pr


    The following data are the grade point averages x and the monthly salaries y for students who had obtained a bachelor's degree in business administration with a major in information systems. The estimated regression equation for these data is y^ = 1790.5 + 581.1x (See attachment for full question)

    Data on Women Swimmers

    The following data was collected on height (inches) and weight (pounds) of women swimmers. See the attachment. a. Develop a scatter diagram for these data with height as the independent variable. B. What does the scatter diagram in part A indicate about the relations of the two variables? C. Try to approximate the relatio