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Correlation and Regression Analysis

Predicting Life Expectancies from Birth Rates

See the attachment for full problem description. Might we be able to predict life expectancies from birthrates? Below are bivariate data giving birthrate and life expectancy information for each of twelve countries. For each of the countries, both, the number of births per one thousand people in the population, and, the fem

Least-Squares Method and Coefficient of Determination

The director of graduate studies at a large college of business would like to predict the grade point average (gpa) of students in an MBA program based on Graduate Management admission test (GMAT) scores. A sample of 20 students who had completed 2 years in the program is selected. The results are as follows: Observation G

Pearson's Correlation Coefficient and Regression Equation

The following table represents data involving direct labour costs (in Rands) and the batch size (in units) produced by a small manufacturing concern that specialises in a single product. BATCH SIZE (units) LABOUR COSTS (Rands) 15 200 18

Linear optimization using MS Excel Solver in practice prob

Benz-Merc Cars produces four classes of cars: subcompact, compact, intermediate and luxury. BM also produces trucks and vans. Vendor capacities limit total production capacity to at most 1.2 million vehicles per year. Subcompacts and compacts are built together in a facility with a total annual capacity of 620,000 cars. Intermed

Linear Programming Problem: The Friendly Family

On their farm, the Friendly family grows apples that they harvest each fall and make into three products- apple butter, applesauce, and apple jelly. They sell these three items at several local grocery stores, at craft fairs in the region, and at their own Friendly Farm Pumpkin Festival for two weeks in October. Their three prim

Business Income After 6 Years

Started plotting my business income 5 years ago in 1997. I do it quarterly because later on I want to check for the seasonal variation. My regression equation is: Income = $2300.00 + 150t t = time in quarters (3months = quarter) What kind of fortune (income) should I expect to rake in by the end of year 2003? This is a

Solving for the correlational value

This paragraph is from an article I am studying. I am suppose to know how to generate and explain a correlational value by this data. During the 10-month period during which these six exposures were detected, a total of 2,316 general anesthetics using isoflurane or desflurane were delivered in operating rooms monitored by ma

Modeling of online purchase of piggybank

DETAILS: Prepare an analysis (NOT in the ppt format) for Piggybank that compares the two incentive options: A. cash back when the consumer makes an online purchase, and B. cash back when the consumer makes a purchase at a clothing store. See the attached pdf file and use the statistical information data from 2004 2nd quar

Statistics - Quantative

The transportation method is a linear programming technique where linearity can be found in the following way: a. the cost of goods shipped from any source to any destination is a linear function of quantity shipped b. the total cost associated with a given plan is a linear function of shipping costs c. cell evaluations assum

Sample Statistics and Coefficients Problems

Suppose that you are interested in examining the determinants of the use of plea bargaining by state prosecutors. During a one-month period, you record for each state in the US (1) the number plea bargains per 1,000 cases (y), (2) the average number of cases per prosecutor (x1), and (3) the average number of empty beds in the st

Examples of variables related to dollar sales

One of the most common uses of C and R is in the marketing department. Specifically, it is used to do alot of sales forecasting. In the business world, sales is sales of products or services and in health care, sales would probably be considered patient services. A more common independent variable often used is Advertising

Least Square Trend Equation

Determine the least squares equation. According to this information, what are the estimated sales for 2005? Listed below is the net sales in $ million for Home Depot, Inc. and its subsidiaries from 1993 to 2002. Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2005. Year Net Sales

The Personal Consumption Expenditures for Telephones

The personal consumption expenditures for telephone, in billions of dollars, in the United States for the year 1996 to 2001 are given below. Determine the least squares equation, and estimate the expenditure for 2004. Year Code Expenditure ($billions) 1996 1

Mutual Bond Funds and Investment

We are studying mutual bond funds for the purpose of investing several funds. For this particular study, we want to focus on the assets of a fund and its five-year performance. The question is: Can the five-year rate of return be estimated based on the assets of the fund? Nine mutual funds were selected at random, and their asse

Determine the Least Squares Trend Equation and Seasonal Index

3. The following table gives the annual amount of scrap produced by Machine Products, Inc. (See attachment for chart) Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2003. 4. Victor Anderson, the owner of Anderson Belts, Inc., is studying absenteeism among his employees. His workfo

Relationship between political attitudes and income

A researcher studies the relationship between political attitudes and income. He/she finds that those with higher income are more conservative. The most likely confounding variate is _______ income, age, weight, health status I believe income is the only correct answer - please advsie answer & why - thanks!


7. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and the Standard & Poor's 500 (S&P) indexes are both used as measures of overall movement in the stock market. The DJIA is based on the price movements of 30 large companies; the S&P 500 is an index composed of 500 stocks. Some say the S&P 500 is a better measure of stock market perfo

Biostatistics Problem to Reject or Accept Hypothesis

I have attached a long regression problem that I completed most of. I'd like you to tell me what I did wrong including incorrect calculations. Comments and hints would be also be greatly appreciated as I am just learning this. I know this is a long problem so Im offering 12 credits. Thanks. I have attached the problem as it

Linear trend Eq

See attched data: Plot the data, determine the least squares trend equation, and use the trend equation to calculate the points for 97 and 99. Plot them on a grpah and draw the regression line. Estimate net sales for 2003. How much have sales gone up or down per yr. on average during th period.

Linear Programming 4311-19,20

Subject: Linear Programming Details: The programs that can be used are Excel Slover, Data analyis, spreed sheets, linear Programming and PERT/CPM models. = 19. A company that makes garments is unionized. Each full time employee works 40 hours per week,earns $13 per hour, and the union contract says that the number of full

Determine the least squares trend equation

The following table (file attached) gives the annual amount of scrap produced by Machine Products, Inc. Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2003.

Model Transformation Multiple Regression

What method has been used to transform Model 1 to Model 2? Equations for Model 1 and Model 2 are as follows: Model 1 Ct = 26.19 + 0.6428GNPt - 0.4398Dt + et Model 2 Ct /GNPt = 25.92(1/GNPt)- 0.4598(Dt/GNPt)+ et C represents Consumption expenditures GNP represents Gross National Product D represents defense spen