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    Question about Linear programming with excel

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    Blacktop Refining extracts minerals from ore mined at two different sites in Montana. Each ton of ore type 1 contains 20% copper, 20% zinc and 15% magnesium. Each ton of ore type 2 contains 30% copper, 25% zinc and 10% magnesium. Ore type 1 costs $90 per ton and ore Type 2 costs $120 per ton. Blacktop would like to buy enough ore to extract at least 8 tons of copper, 6 tons of zinc, and 5 tons of magnesium in the least costly manner. Implement this as a spreadsheet model and solve it with Solver. please add a note to the file answering the business question, e.g. how many tons of type 1 and type 2 ores should be bought.

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