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Coca Cola Stock

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Listed below is the selling price for a share of Coca Cola, at the close of the year.

Year Price Year Price Year Price
1990 12.9135 1994 18.3160 1998 40.6111
1991 16.8250 1995 27.7538 1999 35.0230
1992 20.6125 1996 29.0581 2000 49.5625
1993 20.3024 1997 36.0155

1. Plot the data.
2. Determine the least squares trend equation.
3. Calculate the points for the years 1993 & 1998.
4. Estimate the selling price in 2003. Does this seem like a reasonable estimate based on the historical data?
5. By how much has the stock price increased or decreased per year on average during the period?

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Solution Summary

This solution calculates the least squares trend equation, future selling price, price increases, decreases based on historical selling prices for shares of Coca Cola.

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