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Regression Analysis: Stats Grade

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Correlation and Regression Analysis of students when it is best to determine "appropriate" variables and to make calculations. This means that you will have to determine which variable(s) you feel are best and why and answer each of six questions 100% as well as present appropriate statistical graphs or charts. Please see attachments for better understanding.

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The soluton provides step by step method for regression analysis

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What is data mining? When would you use descriptive statistics? What is a regression analysis?

I am trying to understand the meaning of data mining? What is data mining? I'm thinking it's like a huge warehouse that stores data. Is it possible to provide an example? Can you also recommend any literature about data mining?

I would also like to know what type of research situation would use only descriptive statistics? In quantitative only? Is there any published literature I may review from?

What exactly is a regression line and a regression analysis? How can I effectively understand and utilize regression analysis in a research study? Are there any journals or websites I may look at for clarity purposes?

I'm just looking for a better understand of these topics, because the readings seem to technical.

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